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Do you search a tool for polling? There are several on the market. I have tested "Lumeos" and here are my results:


  1. Description: What is Lumeos?
  2. Walkthrough The Dapp
  3. Results And Opinion
  4. Tips For The Developers
  5. Another Suggestion
  6. Summary
  7. Motivation

Description: What is Lumeos?

Lumeos is a social survey solution on the blockchain. Here is what their website says about themselves:

Powered by the Lumeos Protocol, your data will be cryptographically "locked" so only you (or 3rd parties you allow) can access. Also, you can import your entire set of Facebook, Twitter, and Google data meaning your valuable data comes under your direct control, via a single, easy-to-use interface. Finally, regular users like you can be in charge of monetizing your own data. Welcome to the future of decentralized data control!

Or in my words: Do a poll and get money for it.

In other tools the data is not in your hands and the money, that is earned with the polls, also.

With Lumeos you receive an own cryptotoken "Lume" for your surveys. As I understood is this based on the EOS token.

In the moment, there exists an smartphone app and a website, but in the late 2019 it shall be implemented into Facebook, Google and Twitter history


Walkthrough The Dapp

When I go to the start page,, I am asked to put in my phone number to download the app:

I got a link to my smartphone and installed the app. The file is 11,4 MB big.

I started the app and clicked on: "Start earning Lume now":

I had to fill out my registration formula:

I registered and earned 500 Lume at the beginning.

I can use free Lume for a limited time. This creates in me an unpleasant feeling, that I have to pay later on. But let's go on by clicking on "Answer polls and earn Lume":

I clicked on one of the polls and gave an answer:

This looks good for me: A clear and lucid survey in very few steps.

Then I wanted started my own poll by pressing on the + symbol, but I got the following answer:

Hm, this is the next minus point. This tool is nothing for an impatient person who wants to get fast results.

Then I tested the buttons on the bottom of the app. I clicked on "communities" and "all groups". I'm interested in "EOS Nation", so I chose that. Now I have the possibility to follow this group and their polls. This is a plus point, because I am able to interact with people of the same interests.

In "profile" I can get verified and set further settings:

In "Notifications" I can see Notes, that have posted to me. In the beginning it is empty.

In Leaderboard, I can see the top users and the top polls.

When I click on the menu, I am able to set my smartphone-notifications, can give feedback, read the FAQs, read terms and conditions, join their ambassador program or to log out.

Results And Opinion

All in all, I'm not really convinced of this product.

Maybe this tool can be helpful, when you do a lot of polls and you want to get a small reward for your work (But there is also another solution on the blockchain, see below)

This tool is more for big surveys and for frequently polls. If you just need a short overview, you should better use the other social media polling tools. They are also easie to use and you can use them directly.

Tips For The Developers

Why do we need another token currency to create polls? Wouldn't it be easier to use the EOS-Account? In the app, under "profile", there is a possibility to create such an account, but it didn't work for me.

Another Suggestion

Here is a tool, that is also on the blockchain but better in my point of view:

For this you need to be registered at Steemit. It is a disadvantage if you are not registered. But it is for free and you can start directly with your polls.

This poll is also public and can reach everyone on social media. (But to compare it with Lumeos, dpoll is total public and everyone can see it).

And you can also earn money with dpoll.


All in all I give 3 from 5 stars for Lumeos


I unregularly review games or dapps from

In this case:

When my work is good, I get rewarded correspondingly by @Stateofthedapps and @Oracle-D (Thank you very much for this showcase, that we can work and earn money with Steem), but most important: I learn a lot about blockchain and what we can do with it.

The tasks are public and you can join also:

Achim Mertens

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