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RE: I see better games ahead.

in #soccer4 years ago

Hey bro.

This is off-topic from your post, but don’t know how/where to contact you elsewhere...

I was very surprised to see these @cheetah comments on your posts, as the accusations it makes seems quite out of line with the character I’ve seen you demonstrating (which has earned my continued support).

I don’t what happened that you originally got on the blacklist, though am giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming it was some sort of one-off over-exaggerated misunderstanding/error.

In any case, it’s a matter than needs resolution, as it does not look good on you.

As per the comment, there are steps you can take to be removed off the blacklist by following the steps listed in their Discord channel thread.

I’ve paused my votes on your account for the time being, until you take the action to get this sorted, as it’s important to me that you take on the responsibility of clearing up whatever the misunderstanding was and handle it professionally, regardless of what the initial issue was.

If you’d like to share what it was that for you on the blacklist in the first place, I’d much appreciate it.

Though either way, please let me know when you’ve completed the appeal process and are off the blacklist - at which point I’ll be happy to turn my votes back on for you.

Thanks. 🙏


They clarified it.

Reference 1:

Reference 2: ~~~ the source links at the bottom, being the most important.


You’re off my list for good.

It appeared your heart was in the right place when I first discovered you. But, you abused your privilege. And rather than confess your errors, you attempted to cover up your tracks - and failed.

I wish you well on your journey, and hope the lessons within all this serve you well in your course-correction to a path based in higher integrity... 🙏

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