Brazil vs Switzerland : Steemit Goal Prediction Game (Predict the score and resteem)

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Predict the goals that will be scored by each team

Predict the goal scorers

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each team and tell us why you think the team you support will win

In the spirit of the game, let's hope that the winner/winners will get upvotes for their winning comments. So, let the game begin

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For this time, Brazilian players like Neymar and Willian are more mature, plus the emergence of new stars like Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus. This ammunition that will make Brazil is believed to have better results.
As a team, Switzerland can not be underestimated. They are a solid team with good teamwork skills. But judging by the size of Brazil's ambition, Neymar and his friends will successfully end this match with a victory.
The prediction score is:
Brazil 3-1 Switzerland in the match.

In my opinion Brazil 2: 0 will win
It is a lighter which is the favorite of these championships.

These teams played with each other at the World Cup in 1950 in Brazil.
Then in the group stage there was a 2: 2 draw,
and Canarinhos was promoted to the next round.
In recent years, these teams met twice in sparrings. In 2006 she won Brazil (2: 1), while five years ago, they reached the Swiss with a modest triumph (1: 0).
The games played before the World Cup can be very optimistic both teams.
The Brazilians have won the last four meetings: with Russia, Germany, Croatia and Austria, without losing a single goal.
Especially triumph over current world champions (1: 0) showed
that Canarinhos are a much better team than four years ago.
Then, on their own land, they suffered in the semifinals of compromising defeat (1: 7) with Joachim Loewa's team
That is why I think and in this meeting Brazil will be the favorite.

For this year I think brazil is in excellent shape and excellent in his national team squad, both players and my coaches are very supportive this time. kemenagan top brasil is coming.
Brazil 2-1 switzerland

Brazil 2 - 0 Switzerland, I see a good planter in the Brazilian team, it will be a good match.

Brasil 3-0 Switzerland

Brazil has a lot of dynamics and attack variants

brazil 3 suiza 0

Brazil 2 - 1 Switzerland

brazil 3 switzerland 1

The Brazilian national team's status as one of the favorites to win the World Cup team in 2018. Neymar and his friends was going to carry out the first match that is not easy to face Switzerland in Group E. Switzerland will play easily to face the best squad in the world in the opening match of Group C. Granit Xhaka and friends will work hard and they will not make it easy for the Brazilians.
My prediction is:
Brazil 2-1 Switzerland

Brasil 2-0 Switzerland

Brazil plays very well. I hope that Brazil will surely win this World Cup. But everyone will play well now. Congratulations world cup

Recently the perfomance of Brazilian players is very good. And Switzerland players are not good as Brazil.
The prediction score is:
Brazil 2-0 Switzerland in the match.

The brazilians are always good team anytime any year. They are always a force to reckon with.
I am giving them a 4:0 win over the swiss team

3-1 brazil to win, but if i win then u will resteem mine too.

Brasil showed better performance than last World Cup. The boys of four years ago grew up and the rising stars are hungry for glory. So velocity, experience, ball control and knowledge how to make goals will be a hard qualities combination for facing for Switzerland, who will play a defensive scheme, trying counter-attacks based on the vertical projection of the ball.
Brasil 2-Switzerland 1

brasil2 suiza 1

Brazil 3 vs switzerland 1

Brazil 2:1 Switzerland

Brazil for the win! Viva Brazilia! This one will be a good game. 2-1.

My prediction for the game would be

Bra 2 - Swi 1

I'm teasing a goal from gabriel jesus

Brazil win 3-1.

This time it is brazil time as there are 3 big names neymar,marcelo,Philippe Coutinho.i am hoping the best from this side and not to forget Gabriel Jesus.


for now brasil is above wind than switzerland, brazil has some of the best players in the world, i am sure brazil wins with scores.
Brazil 1-0 Switzerland

Bra 4-2 Suis

Brazil 2-0 Switzerland

brazil 3 suiza 1

Brazil 3-0 Switzerland

brasil esta em uma boa faze de novos jogadores sedentos pela gloria e muito habilidosos uma forte candidata a ser campeã em 2018
esperamos poder da o troco na Alemanha este ano!

Brazil 2 - 2 switzerland

Brazil 3-0 Switzerland

Brasil 3 - Suiza 1

Brazil 1 - 2 Belgium