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We are quick to point accusing fingers to others.
We say; "They are proud, they show off too much..."

But in reality, we have all these qualities as well.
It's just that we are fucking broke.

If you know and know that you know, and you have a gene of showing off, please show off.
Shine your shine.

Shine your light.

Live your life.

You owe nobody apology.

unnamed (2).jpg

Cristiano Ronaldo

Enough of tagging Cristiano Ronaldo as been proud and arrogant.
This isn't a valid point please.

images (13).jpeg

CR7 at Manchester United

When most of you make $1,000, we know how you do and paint the whole town red.
The causative agent of 75 % humbleness is Brokenness. Majority of us are not humble at all.
Money, Power, and Fame (MPF) show our true colours hid by brokenness.

All of us are proud but the exhibition of the proudness differ.

Some show it through wears.
Some show it through exotic cars.
Some show it through landed properties.
Some show it on beautiful ladies.
Some show it in parties, etc.

It is called LIFESTYLE.

images (11).jpeg

CR7 jubilitating after scoring a winning goal for Real Madrid

I can accept other comments on CR7 but I won't accept these statements;
"He is too proud."
"He shows off too much."

You can't expect everybody to have the same attitudes.

If majority of us achieve 50 % of what he has achieved in our respective careers. We will be more proud than him.

The funniest thing is that majority of us know him on field via our TV. Majority of us haven't watched him play live or have off field relationship with him.

And they will say; He is too proud.


CR7 in action for Juventus

I'm a Manchester United Fan, I like CR7 since he joined the team and will continue to support any team he goes.

I like his proudness.
I like his show off.
He is my All time Best Footballer.
He is an inspiration.
He is a Legend.


@doublea, @kennyG and the other friend posing with Juventus jersey to show support and love to CR7

In conclusion, all of us will be extremely successful in our careers.
I will remind some of you when you are exhibiting your proudness as well via your chosen media.
And we will laugh it off with glasses of wine.

Thank you.

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I swear you're right, don't mind them jare

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