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I think everyone around the world has seen video clips of crazy Soccer fans who have not only wild celebrations but sometimes even fights that can turn dangerous quickly. Big rival games often draw many drunks who like to fight the opposition to the point that it has even caused some deaths. FIFA World Cup Soccer celebrations have gone to a whole new dangerous level in 2018.
This woman is Tamra Maiochi, who suffered the freak accident just as the referee blew the whistle after the game on Wednesday, which sent Neymar and his teammates through to the knock-out stages of the World Cup in Russia.
She is a fan of Brazil, and after a big goal and win last week against Serbia she jumped off a friends couch with a cell phone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. As others jumped for joy, Maiochi lost her balance and fell onto a near by table breaking her crystal wine glass. The broken glass severed her jugular vein in her neck and she lost so much blood that she died minuets later in her friends home.
Such a horrible ending to a great day of watching soccer and feeling the national pride of winning an important match! I mean accidental tragedy happens but you never expect someone to die like this! Such a shame for a woman who was only 30 years old to have life ended during celebration in the safety of her own home.
If someone was going to die during a soccer match you would expect it to happen when an environment like this picture gets way out of hand up in the stands or out in the streets.
Thankfully in the United States our fans are much more cordial to each other when we square off in epic games!’s the same way here I guess when it comes to passionate fans, for the most part we are all respectful to each other but I have seen several times when punches get thrown and people get seriously hurt over a game.
I guess....if you’re a sorry Kansas City Chiefs Fan, it eventually gets old watching your rival Denver Broncos hoisting another Super Bowl trophy and can make you wanna fight everyone wearing orange & blue.

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We should try to be cautious of ourselves and our environment and try to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship.

Yet another example of just how dangerous wine glasses are. When will the senseless deaths end before we wake up and do something about it? Get involved and contact your nearest legislatures office and demand a law banning all wine glass from heretofore. Only you can end wine glass deaths, let's do it for the children!!!

Crazy how they will literally murder each other....The ref for the Portugal VS Iran game would of been murdered if he had given a red card to Ronaldo like he should of but didn't....

It is a matter of culture, meanwhile Japanese fans stay after the game to help clean up.

love this video

:( :( how she can die like this :( But we can't say anything :( it's natural phenomena :(

This incident tell us that everyone has to die, and you don't know when you time comes! Sudden deaths are very common now a days

It's such a sad & tragic end. Tamra Maiochi lost her life in a joy. I feed sad for this incident. But there are few things which government also can't control. In my 2 cents opinion awareness compaign is required at huge level to avoid such accidents in future. keep sharing @broncnutz

Sad end to a happy celebration :( I am very sad for her :(

That's such a sad story. A freak accident... so unfortunate for the lady and her friends and family.

I don't think you have to worry about the Chiefs but Raiders fans are not to be messed with... ha!

Is sad to be in this Tamra but we had no ideas that it might be just a bad coincidence on her..... For your death Tamra, Brazilians must not be home without the cup for her death.

Wow!!! What a horrible way to go. Sometimes being a fan can be dangerous but it shouldn’t be at home. The worst I can remember is the soccer game where fans were getting crushed against a fence and killed. That’s a huge price to pay to see a game.

OH that's sad to hear.
I like FIFA but i didn't watched any single match because i have exams

The World Cup is full of surprises this year
We wish safety to all


The World Cup is full
Of surprises this year We
Wish safety to all

                 - roselover

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if your a sorry Kansas City Chiefs Fan, it eventually gets old watching your rival Denver Broncos hoisting another Super Bowl trophy and can make you wanna fight everyone wearing orange & blue.
It should be you're a instead of your a.


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No he is not, he is just telling you, your mistakes? what annoying in it?


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Jk btw ;)

A child who was a world cup football team supporter, about 8 years old died yesterday in our country when he tried to fly flage in the tree. Few days ago another person killed himself when Argentina lost against Croeatia. More people may die next. Every word cup some people killed in our country. That's so tragic story.

Wow odd and sad news.

Sometimes too much excitement becomes death . Too much is not good .

It's really sad incident and these are stupid fans

Football is really exciting game Visitors are very much satisfied when watching the game. There are many unexplained phenomena in the center of the football game. In our country there are many unfortunate incidents of football play. Which one of us wished Football is an enjoyable game.

A terrible accident. Very terribe..

Thats sad. My condolences

Football foil fights in the match, the team manager died

Team Manager Selim Malik (35), who was killed in a fierce fight in support of a foal incident in Singail of Singer of Manikganj, was shot dead by two groups. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon at local Nabagram Multipurpose High School ground. Singair Police Inspector Nazrul Islam confirmed the matter.

The deceased was identified as Selim, son of Wazuddin of Barg Kaliakoir Degribada village under Balladhara Union.

Shamim Ahmed, president of the Youth Welfare Development Association, said: "Our Organization organized the 'Student and Youth Welfare Development Association' organized by Sheikh Rasel Memorial Football Tournament at local Nabagram Multipurpose High School ground. The tournament started on 25th September. Saturday (October 7th) was the semi-final match between the poet Nazrul Islam Smriti Sangha and Bir Uttam Hamidur Rahman Sports XI. In the second half of the game, there is a tension between the two group players, first being a foul. Later, if both the supporters of the team were involved in the clash, then the game became punk. In the meantime, Salim Malik, the team manager of the Nazrul Islam Smriti Sangha, became seriously ill, and he was given water at Mansur's house by the side of the ground. The doctors declared him dead when he was brought to Manikganj Sadar Hospital.
The victim's brother Osman Gani said that Selima Malik's wife Farida Begum filed a case with the police station on behalf of Birshreshtha Hamidur Rahman Sports XI captain Ziaur Rahman, players, Selim Hossain, Afzal Hossain, Mohan and Rony and 20-30 unidentified people.
Singair Police Inspector Nazrul Islam said the incident was immediately reported to the venue. After the post mortem of Manikganj Sadar Hospital, the body was handed over to the family on Sunday afternoon. It is not possible to confirm that Selim Malik is suffering from heart attack, or died by the opponent. After receiving the autopsy report, the cause of death can be known. Attempts are being made to arrest the accused. '

Yes very sad indeed @broncnutz

oh that is a very bad incident.I don't expect that...we dont have hand on destiny..

@broncnutz , thats really a serious issue

omg that's is really serious and sad to know about this incident

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Celebration turned death. This is really sad

When there is a tragedy in the very moment of joy, there is very bad feeling. The events of the World Cup game in 2018 touched our hearts. So it is possible that the World Cup football game has reached a dangerous level. So I support your opinion.

The phenomenon is sad but it is a reality that often happens in the stands of the audience. the attitude of sportsmanship is often ignored by the supporters so that fights between fans even happen to have killed many victims.

I am so sorry for her may her soul rest in peace.

It is very sad that she lost her life...I think this is the responsibility of people who are definitely awared they should keep calm and dicipline while watching any match..this is not too much tough but there is need to be dutifull.

This is stupidity of fans . Let's enjoy don't become fool

At least she didn't die like the bird in this scene in dumb and dumber...


What the fuck :o


Ohhh Fuck that's a really sad way for even a bird to die.😞😞

This would have been an awful party to be at. Imagine those kids when a year later they will say do you remember the game ... There response is yeah I saw someone bleed to death in front of me.

That is something you can erase from your memory.

This year world cup is full of uncertainty. Can guess who is going to win. There are multiple guesses and eqaual opportunity for many teams. We have to wait and watch.