Neymar has spoken with Messi and give a promise! 😍

in #soccer3 years ago

Neymar is not happy with PSG And that's why he wants to leave PSG and go to Real Madrid. ABC News reported that Neymar told his father that he would like to come to Real before the World Cup. But Mundo Depotivo told Neymar that he wanted to come to Barasat.

After Neymar's door open in Barcelona, ​​Barca star Ivan Rakitich and Philippe Cotinho spoke openly for Neymar. Then Don Ballon reported that Barcelona's biggest star Messi wants to get Neymar to Barcelona.

But then PSG chief Nasser Al Khelifi met Neymar in Brazil and Neymar's father assured the PSG owner that Neymar would be in PSG next season.

Then Diario Goal and Don Ballon once again reported that Real Madrid will raise Ronaldo's salary by 35 million Euros. Neymar will also be coming to Real Madrid next season, as well as telling Ronaldo

Meanwhile, Mundo Depotivova again released the news. They said in their report that Neymar has spoken to Messi, and he wants to play with Messi again in Barcelona. And if Barça wants to buy him, he will return the offer to Real Madrid.


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