It changed so much that the Brazil team forgot to lose! 😱

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The Brazilian situation was very different in the selection phase. It was so hard for the team to win that they did not think Brazil was playing, their ghosts were playing. The misery was going on since the 2014 World Cup. The fans of the two Copa America were left behind by the fear of losing the place in the World Cup after the failure and selection. Then the era of Dunga ended. After the dismissal, he was given charge of the Kanthenian coach Tite. And it changed the look of Brazil. It changed so much that the Brazil team forgot to lose. And the goal of the opponent was to make the round celebration was a trivial matter. Under the tie, Brazil played 20 matches in all. It has won 16 matches. Draws 3 and lost one match. The fact that Brazil lost a match under Tito is also a matter of luck. It was a friendly match against Argentina. The team, with the rest of the team, rested more than one of the best stars to rest with the newcomers. But the new Brazilian had also fed Argentina. Although the win was an Argentine goal. But Brazil was ahead in the game. Hareenae Brazil in any match without a match. Thiago Silva holds the clarinet in 15 of the 20 matches played under Tito, Mirandara. The net has scored 44 goals. In contrast, only 5 goals have to be digested. Teet has lost to Brazil like a team like Germany. Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Uruguayo also lost. Brazil is such a great win-win for the World Cup.