Barcelona will be stronger even Real Madrid get Neymar! 😎

in #soccer3 years ago

The world record was 22 million euros in the past August, leaving Neymar with a transfer to the PSG, leaving Barcelona to go to PSG. But some media claims that the attacking player is not happy in Paris.

There is a strong buzz that Neymar can return to Spain. Real Madrid's rival Real Madrid have a contact with him. The club's player Kasemiro, Dani Carvahal and Marco Asansi have expressed interest in getting Neymar several times.

In some media news, Neymar might return to Barcelona at the end of a season at League One. Of course, Spanish Midfielder Iniesta is not seen as speculative.

"Frankly, I'm not thinking about Neymar's future. Generally, it is difficult to get back when you leave somewhere. That is why, if he does not return to any other team, it would surprise me more. "

"Madrid will get one of the best players in the world if they make the agreement. But then we still have a team that I think is better. "

Barcelona's La Liga title has come close to a lot in this season. Ernesto Valvier's team is at the top of 11 points from the nearest rival Atletico Madrid. Real is the third place behind Barcelona, ​​15 points away.


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