Soccer Sweepstakes 2018/19 ROUND 1 Results

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Match results

Round 1MatchScore
G1Tottenham v Fulham3 - 1
G2Chelsea v Arsenal3 - 2
G3Manchester City v Huddersfield6 - 1
G4Brighton v Manchester United3 - 2
G5Crystal Palace v Liverpool0 - 2

Aguero proves his still one of the best strikers in the world with 3 goals in Man City's six goal romp.


Game 1: Tottenham v Fulham - 3 - 1

Tottenham made it two wins out of two with the talking point being Harry Kane scoring in August for the first time for Spurs.

Game 2: Chelsea v Arsenal - 3 - 2

Chelsea and Arsenal threw defending out of the window in the first half, with each team scoring two goals. The game was decided in the second haalf with a 81st minute strike from Alonso.

Game 3: Manchester City v Huddersfield - 6 - 1

Sergio Aguero rattled in a hat-trick as Man City had a field day scoring six against hapless Huddersfield.

Game 4: Brighton v Manchester United - 3 - 2

Brighton produced the shock of the season deservedly beating Manchester United. United will need to go up several gears if they are to challenge for the league this season.

Game 5: Crystal Palace v Liverpool - 0 - 2

Liverpool avoided a potential banana skin going to Selhurst Park and getting a win against Palace. A first half penalty from James Milner got things going. However the game was up in the second half after Palace was reduced to ten men, with Sadio Mane wrapping things up with a second goal in injury time.

First goal scored after: 9 minutes

Pedro exposed Arsenal weak defence to give Chelsea an early lead.

Sweepstakes Result:

Here are this round's winners:

RoundEst. PotPositionShareEst. STEEMEntrantRound/ Position
127.9710.616.782@lidsayFirst Place
127.9720.38.391@icasillasSecond Place
127.9730.12.797@deadman1Third Place

Payouts will be made after OP payouts are confirmed.

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Hi @Nanzo-scoop, not sure about your rules on using double accounts to enter your comps, but i think that @icasillas account might be a double, in fact not a double more like someone entering with about 20 to 30 accounts.

I noticed a influx of new people entering competitions on steemit lately but adding very little value to the competitions, and having seen this behaviour before only to find out it was someone using multiple account, i became a little suspicious and i checked one or two out, and found that all of them send their winnings to the same account @donasi and from there realized that there was much more accounts involved. They all follow the same pattern, make two or three posts build up the reputation a little and then stop, i assume to build up the next one.

I know your a busy man and don't have time to be checking every single account and maybe you don't even have a rule against it or even care about it, but i thought you should know. There might even be a genuine explanation as to why, but i personally can't think of one. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read.


Thanks for bring this to my attention @steem-d-anlovnit. The rules do state one entry per person, also that payouts are at my discretion.

You do highlight a wider problem in trying to run competitions like this without being gamed/ sybil attacked/ bogged down in policing bad actors.

I'll probably do a post on the topic, however I do appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Ultimately I do want to create that fun for people to play and get rewarded, part of that is ensuring a level playing field as best I can.


It is indeed one of the hardest things to do.
People do underestimate all the time that's involved with running a contest like yours. Once people do see that some SBD or Steem could be won, they can get very creative with finding ways to increase their chances.
We did discover the same issue with our World Cup Contest!
Keep it going on @nanzo-scoop. We really appreciate these kinds of contest which does try to increase the interaction on the Steem Blockchain!



Its unfortunate that people can't play fairly and by the rules, you think they would be grateful for the chance to play and have some fun, with the added bonus of maybe winning some rewards.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comments and take them into consideration, and thank you for running the contests as i have thoroughly enjoyed participating in them. Keep up the great work.

How do I participate?

ManU take a L on the road...

it needs a lot of practice to play...

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many thanks. following you. lets rock n roll on footy

seems like fun, i must try it in next round

A good article bro. I invite you to myself

How do I play? Is predicting all I have to do?


I tried playing too, I guess it's waiting for the new rounds on Saturday

I really like this post. The premier league is one of the best.

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I am the winner..
I am very happy..
I'm waiting for the prize, hopefully the prize is very nice ... !!
thank you @nanzo-scoop

Kun, my favorit player ! :)

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Nice posts, we create real players / we run academies, not far away from what you're doing