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Payouts will be based on the rewards allocated to this post if Jackpot is not won.

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Game 1

Liverpool v Brighton

Game 2

Manchester United v Watford

Game 3

Newcastle United v Chelsea

Game 4

Southampton v Manchester City

Game 5

Tottenham v Leicester City

Premier League, Sunday 13 May 2018, First kick off - 1500 BST
(all entries must be submitted two hours prior to the first kick-off, i.e, 1300 BST)

How to play

  • Post your score predictions in the comments section
  • Also post your predicted time of the first goal (in case of a tie break)
  • Entry is FREE (you will need a Steemit account to play)
  • I will confirm your entry in a reply to your comment. Only confirmed entries will be eligible
  • Once confirmed, you will not be able to change your prediction
  • One entry per person. No bot entries permitted. Payouts will be at my sole discretion
  • Only Steemit users with a reputation score of over 25 will be eligible for rewards


  • Predict the correct scores for ALL 5 games to win the jackpot
  • If the jackpot is not won, prizes will be based on the STEEM Dollars allocated to this post. Prizes will be award to the three highest points scores. 1st place wins 60% of the pot, 2nd place wins 30%, 3rd place wins 10%. All payouts will be made awarded in STEEM Dollars
  • In case of a tie, whoever's first goal prediction is closest to the actual first goal (in all the fixtures) wins
  • Should there be more than one winner (after the tie break), the prize will be shared


  • 3 points for a correct score
  • 1 point for a correct result (but incorrect score)
  • 0 points for an incorrect result

Leaderboard (Top Scores)

My Predictions this round

Liverpool v Brighton 3 - 1
Manchester United v Watford 2 - 0
Newcastle United v Chelsea 1 - 2
Southampton v Manchester City 1 - 3
Tottenham v Leicester City 3 - 2
7 minutes
[Please submit your entries in the same format to avoid the risk of your prediction not being entered]

Good luck!


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