The SoCal Spotlight - Week 51

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Welcome to week 51 of the SoCal Spotlight!

Each week the SoCal Spotlight highlights five of the awesome posts from #socalsteemit! So, lets dive on in and see what kind of cool stuff the SoCal Steemians have been posting about this week!

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Starting it off this week @kunschj shares some really neat macro photography of some dandelions, both in the flower stage and in the seed stage!

Dandelions, Start To Finish



Next we have an awesome Ulog from @creationofcare. She shares some photos as well as a video where she shows us her chickens, her rabbits, her fish pond, and her garden!

#Ulog 5: A Meteorological Spring



In our next post this week @beckymeep tells us about getting her Pop Up Tent Trailer and gives us the full tour of it, showing off all the cool features and even some surprises left by the previous owners!

Treasure Hunt In A Pop Up



In the fourth post for this week @derekrichardson takes us on a hike in the snow to the top of Timber Mountain in the Cucamonga wilderness!

California Mountain Adventures - Timber Mountain



Finishing it off this week @bxlphabet tells us about attending last nights SoCal Steemit meetup in Tarzana where we got to see @melbookermusic play the blues!

Mel Booker & King Live Blues - SoCal Steemit Meetup Report


And that's gonna do it for week 51 of the SoCal Spotlight! All featured posts have received full 100% upvotes and have been resteemed by @socalsteemit. If you enjoyed these posts please give them an upvote and be sure to check out ALL the awesome posts at #socalsteemit!!

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SoCal Steemit Weekly Voice Chat

Hey SoCal Steemit members, tuesdays (tonight) at 8pm we will be having our 'SoCal Weekly Chat' in the voice chat channel in our Discord server. So come say hi and have some fun chatting with your fellow SoCal Steemians!


?New Mystery Photo Clue?

In 2008 the railway was closed indefinitely for repairs.

make your guess here

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