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Welcome to week 44 of the SoCal Spotlight!

Each week the SoCal Spotlight highlights five of the awesome posts from #socalsteemit! So, lets dive on in and see what kind of cool stuff the SoCal Steemians have been posting about this week!

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In the first post in this weeks Spotlight @zetetrahedron369 shows us the garlic shoots she's growing and she tells us the step by step process so we can grow our own garlic shoots!

Growing Garlic Shoots



Up next @creationofcare introduces us to the latest addition to her rabbit breeding project. Her second breeder doe "Snow Day", a 5-month-old American rabbit with the Red-Eyed White coloration!

#Ulog 2: Snow Day



In our third post in this weeks Spotlight @armentor shares some "paintings from Mother Nature" with some absolutely beautiful California sunset photos!

California Sunsets #84 ~ Golden Hour



Our next post comes from @alaqrab who tells us about how the exchange @bittrex was on Twitter asking what cryptocurrency should get a USD pair. He provides all the relative links so if you are on Twitter check it out and go represent STEEM!

The problem with STEEM



Last but not least we have a post by @fitinfun where she talks a bit about the lyrics to the song 'Going to California' by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and how it resonates with her and keeps her on track in life!

Steemitcentral Lyrics Challenge Day 7/60 - Going to California - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant


And that's gonna do it for week 44 of the SoCal Spotlight! All featured posts have received full 100% upvotes and have been resteemed by @socalsteemit. If you enjoyed these posts please give them an upvote and be sure to check out ALL the awesome posts at #socalsteemit!!

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SoCal Steemit Weekly Voice Chat

Hey SoCal Steemit members, tuesdays (tonight) at 8pm we will be having our 'SoCal Weekly Chat' in the voice chat channel in our Discord server. So come say hi and have some fun chatting with your fellow SoCal Steemians!


?New Mystery Photo Clue?

These rocks are actually fossilized sand dunes that are 65 million years old.

make your guess here


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Thank you so much for the feature! I really appreciate this and everything else you do @socalsteemit!