SoCal Steemit Visiting Hour - 10/16

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Welcome to the first edition of the SoCal Steemit Visiting Hour post!

Every tuesday at 8pm @socalsteemit is holding a weekly voice and text chat for the members in our Discord server! Here we'll be giving a short summary of our previous chat and giving some topics for the next upcoming chat.

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Last Night

In last nights SoCal weekly chat we had @mariannewest, @mattlovell, @creationofcare, and myself(@derekrichardson). And @csusbgeochem1 also came and joined us near the end. We discussed the new 'Show me Your SoCal contest' which we plan on starting tomorrow!! We also agreed on paying out rewards for the contest in SBI. @mattlovell brought up that he thought it would be a good idea to support members by upvoting their comments on our SoCal Steemit posts. And I think everyone agreed, but we recognized it would be contingent on still having the available voting power available after providing the necessary upvotes to all our members posts. We also talked about using @dustsweeper or @dustbunny to possibly help us with supporting comments. We brought up how we all need to try to spread the word about the new posts/contests to any other SoCal Steemians via comments, resteems, discord shares, etc. @mattlovell brought up the question of how many RC's(resource credits) does it take to start an account? I don't think anyone had an exact answer to that. Next, a bunch of us were saying that we don't post as much as we'd like to and @mariannewest talked about using apps like #actfit or @steepshot to create posts that can still be quality yet simple and time efficient. Speaking of apps @creationofcare and @mattlovell introduced us to an app called "lets eat" developed by @eroche and they thought it would be great to use as a ""SoCal dining" or "The Restaurant Review" (or whatever we decide to call it) contest which we could also run on fridays in conjunction with the #fff (foodfightfridays) contest! We talked a little bit about trying to get members to do 'guest posts' on the SoCal Steemit account. About any topic they'd like! And @mattlovell also told us all about his upcoming "s#*t post"... so stay tuned to his blog for that one. lol. We also talked a bit about sponsoring a "SoCal Steemian of the Week" each week and how we think that should work. And so with all this we put together a potential posting schedule for @socalsteemit! Whoohoo! Oh, and lastly @mariannewest suggested we rename the 'SoCal weekly chat' to the 'SoCal Visiting Hour'. We all agreed it sounded better. So anyways, huge thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks 'SoCal Visiting Hour' it was lots of fun as always!!


Next Tuesday

In the next SoCal weekly chat we'd like to talk more about the @socalsteemit posts and contests and the posting schedule. And we'd love to hear more opinions about dustsweepers vs dustbunny. If anyone knows about the RC's required for account creation that would be awesome as well. @mariannewest is going to tell us all about using @qurator and @thundercurator and why we need to check them out! And we'd like to talk more about getting people involved with the saturday 'guest posts' and ideas for supporting and promoting it. And of course anything else that any members would like to bring up is open for discussion! So again, it's tuesday at 8pm in the SoCal Steemit Discord server. If you are not equipped to voice chat or are a bit intimidated to get on a mic, feel free to come listen to the chat and communicate with the group through the corresponding text channel. We'd love to have everyone come join the conversation!!

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#SoCalSteemit is building and supporting the Steemit community of Southern California. If you are from SoCal and are into creating quality content here on Steemit, we'd love for you to follow us @SoCalSteemit and join our group on Discord

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Yay to SoCal Steemit!! So much fun to hang out with you all!

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