The SoCal Fire Report: Last Week of July

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This is the the SoCal Steemit Fire Report. The main goal is to provide information about the numerous fires during fire season. Additionally, our mission is to report any natural disasters and provide a hub for supporting any steemian displaced by a natural disaster in Southern California

They say do something you are good at, well Sothern California is good at catching on fire. So we at @socalsteemit would like to provide a centralized hub of the information on fires and natural disasters located in SoCal. Please refer to previous Fire Reports 1 2 3 for any incident prior to this timeline.


Image Source, CC0 Public Domain

A similar heat wave that clutched the state earlier in the month reared its ugly head once again sending the mercury skyrocketing. The Hollywood Patch has an article written by Paige Austin Jul 28, 2018 titled Heat Wave Subsides, But Just A Little Across Hollywood that gives the blistering details:

With triple-digit highs hitting in several communities, an excessive heat warnin in its 5th day was scheduled to be in effect until 8 p.n. Friday evening in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita and San Gabriel valleys and both the San Gabriel and Santa Monica mountains, and 8 p.m. Saturday in the Antelope Valley. In most communities, the heat wave will be considered over after Friday, in part because overnight temperatures will decline, becoming more bearable, but daytime temperatures will remain 4-8 degrees above normal through the middle of next week.


Image Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture Flickr, Labeled Public Domain

With excessive heat brings high fire danger. California at the moment is literally on fire and destruction is sweeping the state at an unprecedented pace. This fire report will start at the southern end of the state and work its way up to the northern tip to bring the most accurate and up to date report. Some of these fires were stated in the last fire report but continue to burn.

San Diego

A fire was reported In San Diego near the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Union Tribune has an article titled San Pasqual fire holding at 360 acres; evacuations lifted that talks about the fire:

The blaze started for unknown reasons off state Route 78 in the San Pasqual Valley between Ramona and the Safari Park shortly before 1:30 p.m. Friday, according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. Within 90 minutes, the blaze had burned across more than 200 acres, forcing residential evacuations and the shutdown of part a rural highway, as ground and airborne crews scrambled to corral the fast-moving flames. As the flames spread rapidly to the southeast, authorities shut downstate Route 78 between Bandy Canyon and Ramona Highlands roads as a safety precaution and to expedite the fire fighting operations in the rural area. State Route 78 is expected to remain closed between Bandy Canyon and Haverford roads until further notice, according to Cal Fire and state transportation officials.


North of San Diego, In Fallbrook a fire recently started. Fox 5 has an article titled Evacuations ordered as 225 acres burn in Fallbrook that goes into this new fire:

The fire broke out around 3 p.m. and had grown to 50 acres by 5 p.m. as it spread to the northwest from Sandia Creek Drive and Rock Mountain Road. By 7:30 p.m., Cal Fire said the fire had grown to 225 acres and was 10-percent contained. Officials believed they had stopped the fire’s forward progress. About 100 buildings were threatened and residents on Sandia Creek and Little Rock Road were ordered to evacuate. Evacuees were being sent to Fallbrook High School on South Stage Coach Road. Multiple roads were closed in the area as 15 engines and at least 100 firefighters battled the blaze on the ground, with multiple helicopters and air tankers also working to combat the flames.


To the North of Fallbrook, near the Lake Mathews area, a brushfire named the Sabronte Fire burned 10 acres.


To the east of Lake Mathews two large wildfires have been creating chaos for the Idyllwild area. The smaller of the two is named the Ribbon fire. ABC 7 has an article titled Ribbon Fire burns 200 acres in Pinyon Pines area, fire officials say that tells of this latest fire:

A brush fire is burning in the Pinyon Pines area on Thursday, the second blaze to erupt in Riverside County in the last two days. The vegetation fire, named the Ribbon Fire, had burned approximately 200 acres with 5 percent containment, according to Cal Fire and the Riverside County Fire Department on Twitter. Fire officials issued evacuation warnings for the Alpine Village, Pinyon Crest and Pinyon Pines areas. It reportedly originated near Highway 74 and Ribbonwood Drive.


A larger fire in the same area started a few days before the Ribbon fire. This Fire was dubbed the Cranston Fire and was actually found to be arson. 5 News Online has an article titled Man Charged With Intentionally Starting Nine Southern California Fires that details these dastardly deeds:

A 32-year-old man has been charged with intentionally starting nine Southern California fires, including one that has chased thousands of residents from mountain communities. All nine fires were set Wednesday (July 25) in the Idyllwild, Anza and Sage areas about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. McGlover was arrested the same day in Hemet after arson investigators linked him to the blazes, according to the Riverside County District Attorney’s office. One blaze became the Cranston Fire that has grown to 18 square miles in the Idyllwild area of the San Jacinto Mountains and was only about three percent contained by Friday (July 27) morning.

The Cranston fire really took off when it started and has left a path of destruction. ABC 7 has an article titled Cranston Fire in Idyllwild: 13,118 acres burned; 29 percent contained that talks of the damage:

The Cranston Fire in Riverside County is on its fourth day on Saturday and has burned over 13,000 acres. The fire, located in the Idyllwild area, is approximately 13,118 acres and 29 percent contained, according to multiple fire agencies working together to fully contain the brush fire. More than 1,700 firefighters are battling the wildfire, which destroyed at least five homes. The emergency personnel represented a slew of agencies, including Cal Fire, the Riverside and Los Angeles County fire departments and the San Bernardino National Forest agency. About 7,000 people are evacuated and several roads remain closed off. Nearly 5,000 structures are threatened.

The Cranston fire has even prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to Declare a State of Emergency.

San Bernardino

The Valley fire near the Forest Falls area continues to burn although no new updates have been given. A small brushfire in the Cajon Pass, started by a flaming car, spread to nearby brush but was quickly contained.

Los Angeles

The city of Pomona experienced a grass fire near the 10 freeway that burned 10 acres. A few days later a small fire burned off the 57 freeway in the same city.


Near the Santa Clarita area of Stevenson Ranch, The Pico Fire burned 90 acres near an oil field.

Northern Fires

A majority of Southern California is essentially desert, but most of the northern part of the state is full of tinder that can go at any moment. There are two large fires in the northern part of the state that have created such destruction that The SoCal Fire report needs to include them.

Ferguson Fire. Image Author: Blake Scott, Image Source. Labeled Public Domain

A fire burning to the west of Yosemite was the first of the two to cause disruption to the state. The Ferguson Fire continues to burn and create a smokey haze over the valley of Yosemite. The park forced evacuations for the first time in 30 years. The Los Angeles Times has an article titled Ferguson fire will keep popular parts of Yosemite closed through Aug. 3 that explains the economic disruption:

The closures started noon Wednesday and haven’t reopened to visitors since then. Officials at that time said people with lodging reservations would be notified and either rebooked or given a refund., which handles many campground reservations, was giving refunds to campers affected by the fallout of the fire. So what is open in Yosemite? The eastern side of the park, which includes the Tioga Pass Entrance, the Hetch Hetchy area, Tuolumne Meadows and the back country as well as High Sierra Camps. The Ferguson fire started July 13. As of late Friday, the fire had burned more than 46,000 acres and claimed the life of one firefighter. It is 29% contained.

Tragedy struck with the Ferguson fire when a bulldozer operator was killed creating a firebreak. His dozer rolled down the hill.


More to the north, The Carr fire, near Redding California, is burning down everything in its path. At this moment in time it is totally out of control and the death toll is mounting. Curbed San Fransisco has an article titled Redding’s Carr Fire doubles in size, completely out of control that delves into the chaos:

On Saturday morning, Cal Fire reported that the Carr Fire was completely out of control, having almost doubled in size to nearly 81,000 acres and only five percent contained, “active in all directions.” The state has recorded some 500 structures destroyed and lists an additional 5,000 as threatened. The fire has reportedly devastated communities like Shasta, Keswick, and Whiskeytown, and is presently encroaching on the northwestern side of Redding. On Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Shasta County in response to the ongoing Carr fire, which started Monday and has since grown to consume more than 28,000 acres near the city of Redding.

In a similar instance as the Ferguson fire, a bulldozer operator was also killed in the Carr Fire.

These are the latest fires taking their hold on California. Please be vigilant and stay safe during these hard times. Thank you for reading the report and be safe out there!

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Thank you for this service, it is really great research on all fires small to large. Everyone stay safe out there!

So many fires! Man that's depressing. I'm really glad to hear Hetch Hetchy and Tuolumne meadows haven't burned though. Thank you @csusbgeochem1 for the report!

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