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Centralized Google Maps! The current status where mapping is controlled by large institutions marks the end of privacy. It's even scarier as more devices gets connected to the internet thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and locations tracking is enables on all our devices, even more scary when this information is stored in centralized servers which are more susceptible to hacking and exploits.

The solution is to decentralize this process for our own privacy and lets the community have control of the information and how it is used. Decentralization not only benefits the community through monetization of the processes to prevent monopolization problems, the community also benefits from improved mapping processes through collaboration of the decentralized community when it comes to creating and modifying contents.

Soar is start-up that plans to let the community have control and contribute towards a decentralized mapping project using their drones, this will improve the quality and accuracy of contents and also create a decentralized market for their products where they will be able to monetize their contents adding to the incentivization of the process.

The drone economy is on the rise and the market has been growing at an alarming rate, this has been supported by the commercialization of drone's contents such as videos and photos. This market has been growing and its estimated to be worth over $127 billion according to a recent research by PwC.


The soar project is offering a solution to the drone market through decentralization in order to expand the market and also improve in the overall operational processes through improved cross border payment processes, immutable storage which is cost effective and also protect copyright infringements of drone contents.

Soar decentralized platform.


Soar solution is to decentralize the drone market allowing peer to peer connection of drone content creators and content customers. Through the drone market place drone creators will be able to benefit from improved operational processes in a decentralized environment where their trades are secured by blockchain smart contracts and they will be able to store their contents in a distributed ledger for more improved security.


Drone content seller will be able to benefit from an improved market place where they will be able to sell their aerial maps, videos and photos in a decentralized market place. Sellers and buyers will be protected by smart contracts and immutable records.

The general community will also benefit from Soar project by getting access to high quality drone contents in a decentralized environment, where the contents are verified and validated using artificial intelligence in order to capture the authenticity of the contents uploaded on the soar platform.

SKYM Tokens Utility Value in the Soar market place.


SKYM tokens will be used to fuel the soar market place, they will be used to enable decentralized buying and selling of drone contents where the transaction process is protected and secured using smart contracts and reduced costs of processing transactions especially when it comes to cross border transactions and micro-payments.

SKYM Tokens will also be used to incentivize the community towards creation of the world first decentralized super map where they will be rewarded in SKYM Tokens for their efforts. This is through the SkyBounty program that rewards drone operators who create contents for specific areas of interests.

The amount of SKYM Tokens you hold will also qualify an organization or an individual as a SkySponsor who will be able to make specialized arrangement with drone content creators.

Examples of the applications of the use of drones for some of these sectors include:


I’m excited about the opportunities represented by the drone economy, the application of this business model will not only be favorable for consumers but also enterprises. In a consumer perspective we will be able to improve the privacy of our transactions, we will also be protected from monopolization of the market by large institutions by decentralizing the market place. Consumers will also benefit from improved contents which cannot be compared to centralized products such as satellite contents.

Enterprises will be able to benefit from soar project through improved services deliver when it comes to large scale search and rescue operations, monitoring of large spaces such as agricultural farms, landscapes and vegetations. Through a decentralized operation model surveying and inspections will be made easier.

The ability to incentivize the community will be beneficial towards a common cause that will improve our geographical mapping as we approach the IoT age where devices will be connected through the internet and needs locations services towards improved users experience. Using soar operations model we will be able to improve our environmental conservation processes by involving the community towards identification of pollution and changes in our environment.

I’m excited about the application of the drone economy through the soar platform when it comes to consumer space, but I'm more excited about the potential this technology brings to enterprises.

SOAR Platform – How it works.

The soar market place is divided into grids using the Soar Quadrant to map out the areas demand and supply of drone contents this will help users curate the market and be able to map the areas in order to create a consensus market to protect buyers and seller's exploitation. The data is structured into grids according to resolutions and zoom levels as seen in the diagram below.


The soar quadrants are then enhanced using a heat map to show ares where the demand is high and where the demand is slow, to enable the market to operate in a community-controlled environment the heat mapping is doen according to the demand and supply of drone contents in that significant area. The pricing is also determined by the heat mapping based on demand and supply. The picture below illustrates the heat map structure.


Transactions are made through smart contracts, where they are processes on the soar blockchain using the soar platform account interface, and the buyer will be able to access his contents through the SkySPonsor Alibaba cloud as illustrated in the picture below.


Decentralized drone market place advantages.

Decentralizing the drone market not only protects our privacy but also improves the quality of data we can get from drone technology decentralized nature compared to centralized satellite images as shown in the diagram below.


The decentralized operational model will enable us tap unimaginable talents when it comes to drone technology, through incentivizing business model we will be able to see user engagement to improve the soar ecosystem through its soar SkyBounty program. This will create employment in a decentralized market where drone content creators will be able to commercialize their products. Quality work will be highly rewarded through Skybounties.


Users who would like to get specialized services will need to be Skysponsors where they will s be able to get access to specialized drone content creator and be able to validate and verify high quality contents in order to improve services delivery.


SOAR ICO Announcement.



Location based services market is growing significantly and will continue to grow as more devices demand location services thanks to the Internet of things (IoT) Users will find the soar platform suitable for their storage needs, transactions processing and interactions with geospatial databases and be able to use these services on their mobile phones.


~ For more information about the soar project, please have a look at the project's website, whitepaper and social media pages in the reference section below ~



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