Who Owns What?

in soapboxing •  4 months ago

What do you own? Who, or what, owns you?

...like, real, true ownership...

Have you ever given two cents worth of thought to this? Probably not...and that's OK... for consumerism and psychopathic entities. Yay!

Yippee ki-yay, mutha-fructose!


The real question here is who (or what) owns your thinking center. And I do mean to say "thinking center", as opposed to "thoughts", because it should be clear with a little introspection that YOU own your thoughts, not the other way around...but I suppose it's a lack of introspection that is the true demon here.

Here's a method to probe this question in a way that bares real fruit:

Ask yourself "who am I"? See what pictures (in your mind) and what feelings/ emotions (in your body) you tag as "self", then question it. See if it's really true that you're accurately defined by those images/ feelings and the thoughts that they evoke.

Pro tip for if you want to achieve this to any level of not wasting your energy/time for mere mental masturbation or senseless self-torture:

Relax. Be present. Don't BE your thoughts. Rather, OBSERVE your thoughts. Don't agree or disagree or be indifferent to your feelings. Rather, OBSERVE them along with any resistances or "reinforcers" that may be present.

When you come to the realization (from the above method of creating a space of presence for yourself to see your psyche more objectively and, therefore, more accurately) that you're much greater than your thoughts or emotions; that you're more powerful than your thoughts, memories, emotions and reactions to any combination of them which may be triggered by environmental circumstances; we can start to have this conversation on who really owns what/ whom.

Developing clarity:

Once we can clearly see the inner "controller", that part which observes the thoughts/ emotions and can discern identification from self, or the true "center" to consciousness, we're in control of ourselves in the sense that we've allowed ourselves the power to see and smell the bullshit of our psyche. When we're sufficiently "centered" (present), it becomes crystal clear that we don't really ever own anything external to that immeasurable center, and that the same can be said for every other living being.

And, yes, that includes the car and house you just paid off. It includes your close family members, wife or husband. And even your chess rating, as much as it pains me to admit that to myself :(

Even your body and your mind aren't really yours! Not in the absolute sense of the word (ownership). Just ask death. He knows a thing or two about it. Not that you BELIEVE you have the courage to really contemplate it. Of course, you really do, but not without questioning the fear that arises when you catch wind of non-existence.

What's yours is the essence of non-identification, that state in which one can discern belief from the reality of the moment - THIS moment and every future moment as it appears in the NOW. That is you, and that CAN be owned by someone or something else, if we unwittingly allow it by not being sufficiently centered, or "grounded", in ourselves.

Of course, that ownership switches hands the moment we become sufficiently present. Of course, regaining that ownership is to develop real (spiritual) strength, a whole magnitude beyond developing confidence by comparison with our peers, which is really only ego masturbation and eventually leads to our own suffering in one way or another (this is where the word "karma" could have entered into the picture).

Then, and only then, will this question of who has power over what become asininely comical. If only we knew how dorky we all are behaving nearly all the time, we might just snap out of it all at once and the world would immediately become a 10X better place to live in for all of us, except for the psychopaths, of course.

Gotta feel bad for all the psychopaths out there in the world...

Alright, off the soap box I go.

Thanks for standing through the torture :)

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loved this torture though interesting it was to check out we own simply nothing we came bare hands we will go bare hands ;) no regrets


Hahaha, love the attitude!

Much better to be an observer of ones own thought than a prisoner to it. However, I think one needs to experience quite a bit of suffering before leveling up to observer status. We are not our bodies or brains or thoughts, these things always change & the real We remains the same


Yes, suffering is a path out of ignorance that is open to all, and is really inescapable no matter how much we try to stuff it away with our pleasure seeking behaviors. But I don't agree that it's necessary to reach a certain level of suffering to see the light. It is a way, for sure, but not the only way.

Another way is to simply be curious enough to find yourself walking up this path (of self discovery), though this is certainly a rarity compared to the suffering path. Others may simply be destined to self-realization through some combination of circumstances surrounding their lives (that needn't cause too much stress or worry for the individual) and innate tendencies (or "genetics", if you prefer), as may be the case with individuals who are raised by parent(s) who are aware of our true nature.

That said, it seems at the moment as though alternatives to the suffering path are a mere drop of water compared to the ocean.


I only know my own perspective required some suffering, but you are right I shouldn’t assume it’s the only way. We get stuck in our own perspectives no matter how enlightened we think we are 😂


True. I'm guilty of that, too.

I'd go so far as to say that most of those who think they're enlightened are generally more guilty of psychological projecting than those who give no time to such ideas. We may believe, or be heard saying, that people are this or that or that things are this way or that way, but what we're often really doing is shifting blame away from ourselves onto others (for qualities that we resist inside of ourselves) or fitting our concepts of reality to our idealistic views - a type of ego gratification.

I don't mean to imply that this applies to either of us; rather, that it's something to look out for in ourselves when we feel that we're enlightening the world with our words or through some other form of expression.

I always try to keep space inside of myself for catching my own bullshit and even then it's virtually impossible to know if the words that flow out of my mouth are without hidden agendas or intentions of somehow strengthening psychological defenses. One's unconscious can operate quite subtly and often slyly, to put it lightly.

A more succinct way to say all of what I just blabbered above: I try to be honest, to the best of my abilities.

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