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So snowmans don't have carrots as noses!?


If you go to an alternate alternate universe they do

Oh man.

These are my kinda jokes!


Hahaha, I laughed at your meme a lot.

lol! the waste land of snowmen! :D

LOL XD the snowkids' reactions.

Lol, have a follow.

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LOL.. How crude.... And funny!!

471ea881142662778212337466_700wa_0.gif Batman agrees.

Haha lolled so hard


This is awesome, I love dark comics like this!

Let's go play in the blood snow

Why is it so strange for the human to have a carrot nose or why even self awareness in snowman land? Surely every universe has it's own "normal" set of rules. Really this could have been played out in multiple ways. Still very interesting.

I was going to make a snowman ...bat snow fled north )))

pleas follow me sir