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Hi there!

Today, I decided to show you an art made of the children in my neighborhood. It’s little melted but it’s cute.

Have you ever made a snowman?



Great, cool, I made snowman last year... Missing my hometown..

It never snows here :o

The snowman is hella cute~!

Actually it doesn't snow in Nigeria I would really love to see one.. Nice

Hey thanks for the follow! I followed back. And cute snowman!! :)

Making a snowman ... well, in my area that is a good one. The snow we get is about one day a winter, and that is melting faster than you can build a snowman. Maybe more than twenty years ago I was able to ... (a quarter century ... and some want to tell me that there is no global warming).

it looks great ! you kids are natural Picassos

Me gustaria tocar la nieve algun dia :-)

Niicee! I d like to make one but there is no snow here xpp I love art.
I subscribed to your steemit

Maybe that's one of the best works

it's very funny friend, you have good creativity

thank you back friends, good luck always

Looks intersannt

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