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in snow •  8 months ago

Hey steemit!

If you have wondering where ive been I am making the most of winter riding the snow for the past week or so. I will keep riding as long as I can! Hopefully more snow will fall soon.

1128 accounts are following me, my vote is worth 2 cents, i will continue to read you blogs and give my two cents while adventuring in my down time.


Here are my stats for riding today

Thanks for reading & following!

Have a good day.

The name of the app to download if you want to record your own stats wbile riding its called ski tracker.

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Man ! That powder look so good ! Hope you had a good time? Have a look on my blog, i'm a skier from the alps ! I would love to make a snow lover community 🙌


Thanks, it was a great time, good weather and good snow. That sounds cool, Ive yet to ride in Europe but I will join and post stuff from America if you do!


I will check it out Man ! So happy to find snow lovers on #steemit :)