Go Home Portland, You're Drunk

in snow •  last year 


Portland, Oregon, isn't known for it's snowfall, but this year we've had a couple days with multiple inches of snow. It's nothing compared to what I'm used to in Spokane, Washington, but I was not expecting this. Still pretty beautiful.

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This was my first post on Steepshot, which is basically the Instagram of Steemit. So far it's been pretty solid and I don't have any complaints at all. Definitely give it a shot if you have a chance.

this very beautiful view of a friend

very nice place.

Nice picture. It looks very cold, Portland. I do not know how Lillard and the Blacers play haha ​​...

I do not lie that being in places of cold weather is great, I love that kind of climate. I wish I had the happiness of knowing Portland.

the car covers by snow & look beautiful.

I know that school or maybe there are lots of old schools in PDX that look like that. Are you in the Montavilla earia? That looks like a view from Glison Street. Anyway, I'm @pdxgal and I want to come to your next meet up😉


It's called Chapman Elementary in NW Portland and is near Glisan for sure. I live right around this area but not really anywhere near Montavilla.

Portland, OR is my fav. city in America. Haven't been there in ages, need to get back out. Seattle is badass too, almost took a job there before moving to FL.

wow this was such a good photo! why havent you posted since brandon?