This is Romania right now :) - Christmas in April

in snow •  2 years ago

Built up some courage to go to the corner store to get some groceries. You might think these were taken a few months ago but make no mistake, theses photos were taken 30 mins ago, in Brasov, Romania. Snow is 10 cm (4 inches) high and it's still snowing like Christmas is coming. I LOVE IT!






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Considering the period of the year and the scenery you could say it's a fusion between Easter and Christmas. :)

Ohh Wow.... its already summer in India with 45°C :(
Would have loved to be here right now
Enjoy cheers


haha. It was like that for only two days :)

It's winter, I thought it was spring @andu :)


I was also expecting spring to settle in but I guess winter is not giving up that easily :):)


Yeah that's what it looks like when it comes to Christmas :))


best time of the year!