#snook | Steemgigs talkshow and karaoke! | Ulog 09 | My second time joining

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I woke up today at 4pm its already goodevening when i greeted my love ones and i dont regret any second of it!

The talkshow is amazing even i didnt sing i had fun chatting and listening especially to the reggae music!


I wish i can sing next time banana pancake and chicken wings are both killer reggae songs!


Its hard to strive to get better each day but @surpassinggoogle reminds us everytime he do these talkshow.

You need to always ask why are you doing what youre doing? Why did you choose to do it? Constant search for answers and contantly questiong your actions decisions with why.

Eventually youll realize that there are things you do out of habits and it may be good or bad. This is the part where youll realize that life your actions and decisions are mostly predetermined by your habits.


He is saving you from yourself! So please help him too. I noticed hes a bit sick lately especially in this talkshow hes somewhat weak.

I hope youll be okay soon.

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I haf so much fun! @mermaidvampire @snook please let me sing next week! Congratulations guys!

Even doing ulog helps everyone to develop a habit that they can be proud of in the future!

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