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Lately we often find so many hate speeches around us; both in the social media and in the real life; whether it is related to politics,gender, or race issues. Things that should not be happen, instead we find them everywhere. Many people throw words that are not supposed to come out from their mouths; hatred seemed to flow very easily, the dispute just happened without a hitch; war dominates most of the region over the World. Then I am questioning myself, "in what Earth we are living now?"

A few days ago I saw a video which is shared in Facebook about a group of kids who bully a little boy who wants to come and play with them in a playground. And do you know what reason is? It is just because that poor little boy has a different race with them! That is really made me so shock. I cannot believe that this issue about racism still continuously exists in this modern era. This racism really does not look at the ages, and it is able to reach up to the young. Even more sadly, the adults in the video just sit there and let it happen.
What happen with this Earth?
What happen with those people?

We cannot really blame those kids because they are too young to learn about what the exactly happened here. But we can teach them the right thing to do; something about how they should behave. We, as adult, have to teach them how to love, not to hate. And, we are not too late to do that.

Fortunately, yesterday I read this last quest of @sndbox. I think it is an opportunity for me to do good through this project. At least we have trying in doing good, it is better then just watching without any positive action from us.

sndbox summ.png

Bad things happen in this World. Moreover, it is going worst if we talk about wars that are going happen everywhere on this Earth, so many bombs are blown up. What a poor Mother Earth, right? She has to feel these suffers that much.

Well, anyway I am From Aceh, a province in Indonesia which also was in that kind of suffering situation such as armed conflict and Tsunami. So, I do really know how is the feeling about experiencing things that can leave trauma in such way. We once experienced at the lowest point of our life, and then tried our best to survive and rise. It will not happen easily without the supports, helps, and loves submissions from those caring people, and thank God, the "love package" came from all over the world. That's why we are finally able to get back up.

And because of these, even after all the worse incidents that day by day we encounter, I have confidence that there are still many people who have love in their hearts in this world. For that, I am initiative to do this project.
I really want to invite as many as possible people to do good as much as we can, as a devotion to our Earth. Doesn’t it deserve to have a better future? Really, our Earth is very old and very unfit to experience those bad events. As its residents, we should spread loves, not hates. I do really believe, with the supports from many people, we can make this project happen and real.

Moreover, through this project, I also do really hope that it will give a huge result for our society. Actually it is a really simple project which is about conveying the message of love through the art images media, weather it is in the form of paintings, doodle arts, or etc. Here below i will give the examples of my art work.



Here, I plan to invite people to create works of art in which contains a message of love that can be read and delivered to all parties of people who see it. I have some friends in my real life who agreed to help me in it. More over in Steemit, I also have @Akbarraf as one of my big supporters here. We can make as much as possible the image arts, as often as we can to ask people to do so, make challenge or etc. Then we can share them through social media, or face to face in the society in the real life.

No matter Who we are, where we are coming from, and what religion we are believing in, we have to stop consuming and giving hates, and started to get and give loves, in order to make a better life in the future of course.

That is why I hope @sndbox can also support me to make it real. I think it is a really big opportunity for me and all of people around the world who want to participate here to do a little good things. And I won't forget to thank you @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for this chance. Thank you guys.

With Love,

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