Love Story - Sndbox Summer Camp Writing - task 2

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"I do not care how it will be, I just want you to tell the truth to your parents about our relationship."
Reena said it in a very quiet voice even though she was holding back a lot of emotions behind it. She did not know how she could fall in love with this man who was sitting in front of her. The man who today showed his cowardly rage was so obvious. She will not question the decision of he to choose his parents rather than their relationship, but she hated his cowardness.

Five years they had been in this relationship, many times broke up and returned together, again and again. It was 3 years ago since his family’s problem arose, their relationship was often buffeted.

Yes, the family of this man, the man who had repeatedly bounced back her hopes after being slammed again and again, disagrees with their relationship. His mother did not want to have a daughter-in-law from a different tribe. She cannot understand why in this modern era there are still people who think in those conservative ways.

"Please understand it my dear, my mother has been that old, she just wants the woman I marry later is someone who can always be close to her. Please be patient, we can get through this and I will try to convince my mother about our relationship. "

Those sentences were always hold by Reena. The words that kept her believing in this man, that he would fight for their relationship. However, see what happens now, he can only surrender and silent when his parents re-match him with other women. This is not the first time this kind of problem has happened, before this, his mother has also set her up with a daughter of her friend, but it did not work. They were even almost engaged, but it was void because the woman also has a lover.

This time the same thing happened again, and he also did not move as before. Actually Reenahe was angry with herself. Why after what happened before, after seeing him helpless in the presence of his family, Reena believe him again. He came back with his words saying that they are meant to be together. She just believed in the drama that created by him.

"So what do you want now?" he said in a husky voice after a moment they were in silent.

"Let's meet your parents."

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That night Reena could not sleep, she kept thinking what she would say tomorrow when she met Anda’s parents. Actually she knows that their relationship is hopeless, but she intentionally urged him to do this all, so he can account for all the promises he has spoken over the years. Five years is not a short time, they pass a lot of things, she believes in him blindly. This ignorance often happens to the people who are blinded by love.

His eyes opened and saw it clearly when two days ago she heard the news from Adam, her best friend, that next week Anda will be engaged to the woman of the same tribe with him, named Lusi. Adam is a friend of Lusi's sister. Adam was shocked to hear that Lusi will be engaged to a man named Anda, he is suspicious and asks his friend to show a photo of Lusi's fiancée candidate. His suspicions were right, and then he immediately told Reena what he knew.

Reena was surprised to know the news, but felt strange when she did not feel any pain in her heart. Actually she looking for the pain when Adam told her the news at the canteen of their office this morning, but she did not find it. Her heart seemed to be numb, as if the pain had been exhausted in a similar incident before.
Reena could see that Adam was worried about her unusual reaction.

Biippp ...

The sound of an incoming message breaks Reena's reverie. That is Adam.

"Are you busy? Let's go out and having fun. "

Reena read Adam's message. She knew Adam was worried about her and was grateful for that. She and Adam have been friends since high school, and they always support each other. They even go to the same university and work in the same company, although they are in different division.

"Sorry, I need the rest tonight. Tomorrow I will go to Anda’s village and meet his parents. I'll let you know tomorrow. Good night. " Reena replied to Adam's message. She really does not want to go anywhere tonight. She felt very tired like drained a lot of energy. Though not many tasks to be completed in the office, it still makes her so tired. She has also asked for permission to his superiors at the office.

Reena will just turn off her room lights when the melodious singing voice of Ed Sheeran breaks the silence of her room. Adam called. Adam look was really worried about her. Felt sorry to her friend, she picked up his phone.


"What are you doing?"

"I was just about to fall asleep, I had to get up early tomorrow. Traveling to the city of Anda’s parents will drain my energy, it takes 10 hours to get there. You know that. "

"You will not go there." Reena heard the anger in Adam's voice.


"You heard me, you will not go there. Have you lost your mind? You will not humble yourself by meeting them. What will you tell them? Ask them to cancel their son’s well-planned engagement? You think they'll grant it? They will embarrass you and drive you out."

"Adam, just calm down, I'm fine and I will not be embarrassed by anything, I will not ask them to cancel the engagement, I just want Anda to accountable his promises to me. That’s all."

"Then what? "He said with His tightened voice, Reena knew that Adam was holding his anger.

"I've asked you to leave him years ago, you were such a stubborn and still want to survive for him. And now I want you to open your door, I'm in front of your house. "


"Open the door of your house Sofia Reenada Djalil, now!" Reena was surprised to hear Adam calling her name fully. It only happens when he is in a state of joking and anger. And now he does not sound like joking at all.

"Okay, okay. I will open it." Reena opened her bedroom door and walked into the guess room to open the door. Adam has been with her since they were teenagers, he not only acted as her friend but also as her brother. Their parents knew each other, and Reena's parents really believed in Adam. Far away from their birth city like this makes Reena's parents ask Adam to take care of her even though they're grown up as it is today. There are things that will not change and make you like a teenager all your life if you were with your friends in adolescence. Reena opens the door and sees Adam standing there. Without further ado he entered her house and hold Reena's arm tightly.

"Did you lose your mind? He said angrily. "That man does not deserve any fight from you. You will not be there, or I will call your parents right now and tell them everything. "Adam threatened.

"Adam! Are you crazy?! Do not try to tell my parents!" Reena worried that Adam would actually tell her parents, they never knew about what happen with her relationship with Anda, and she did not want her mother to worry about it and her father became as angry as Adam right now.

“So do not go tomorrow." He said firmly without mercy although he saw the worries on Reena’s face were so obvious.

"No Adam, I have to go." She said with a shouting voice.

"You know what I will do if you keep going there."

“Adam you have to understand, I will not let Anda and his family do the engagement quietly. He cannot do that as easy as that. He did it once, and I will not let that happen again now. I cannot just let it go." Reena loses control and ventures her emotions. Unconsciously tears began to fall from her eyes. Adam pulled her body and hugged her tightly. He rubs her head to calm her down. Reena's defense was destroyed, she cried like a baby in Adam's arms.

"Sshhhh Sshhh ..." Adam kept calming her while rubbing her head. Though he was very angry, he could not see Reena crying like this. Reena's tranquility this afternoon was disturbing him. Reena was not like feeling anything, it's not natural. On the one hand this is very good if Reena spills her emotions like she does now, on the other hand she cannot see Reena in this disintegrated.

"It is oke Reena ... Sshh ... I'm here. It's okay, you're not alone. I will always with you." Adam heard Reena's cries begin weakening, he pulled Reena to sit with her on the couch as he continued to hold her.

"If you want to go tomorrow, it is all right. But I'll take you there."
Adam said quietly as Reena began to calm down. Though occasionally he still heard Reena was awkward. Reena nodded weakly.

“Will Anda be picking you up here tomorrow?"Adam asked again

“no, we will met at the station." Reena replied

"Okay, I'll take you to the station. Ok ?" Adam asked softly, and Reena nodded.

"Now I'm going home, and you're going to sleep and rest."


"I'm going home now." Adam said as he slowly let go of his embrace. He saw Reena nodding obediently like a child. She looks brittle tonight. Reena's assertive but cheerful appearance that her everyday show disappears without a trace. Adam rubs her head gently and rises from her seat. He walked out and shut the door of Reena's house slowly. Behind him, he heard Reena lock the door.

Reena has always been her best friend since they were teenagers, her beloved friend secretly. He never want to spoil that friendship. He remember 5 years ago when Reena said she was in a relationship with a man, his heart hurt. But he stays beside her and supports her. After all, he wanted to see that the woman he loved was happy.

Adam has repeatedly told Reena that Adam is a coward, but Reena was not listening. Adam keep silent because Anda is not a bad man, at least he is not a jerk. He just did not dare defend Reena to his family. He cannot defend Reena, but also did not let Reena go. Anda’s selfishness of his own feelings has hurt Reena so deeply. This time Adam could not let him anymore.

The next morning, Reena is getting ready to leave. The clock shows at 08.10 am. Adam was waiting for her in the living room. She was nervous at the thought of what would happen next. Was this decision right? Or should she follow Adam's advice and let Anda and his family pass from her life?

She opens her bedroom’s door and walks into the living room. There she saw Adam was reading the newspaper that was delivered this morning. He has been there since 07.30 am.

Like his last night's appointment, he'll come and pick her up this morning, then he'll drive her to the station, where she and Anda promise to meet. Adam had been her best friend and supported her under any circumstances. Once, when her heart was breaking because of Anda broke her up and followed his family's will to get engaged, she was so hurt and immediately called Adam. She knew then that Adam was dating with his girlfriend at the time, but once he heard Reena’s cry in the phone, Adam immediately met her. She felt guilty at Adam because the incident made his relationship with his lover became stretch and eventually they broke up.

"Adam ..." Reena called him slowly. He lifted his head and saw her standing there. He smiled.

"Are you ready?"


"All right, let's go." Adam said as he got up from his seat. They went out and Adam waited for her to lock the door of the house. Adam opened the car door for her, waited her in and sat in the car, and closed the door. Reena sees Adam from the car. He searched the car and opened the door, then sat in the driver's seat. They blessed toward the station in silence, only the sound of music heard from the radio.

Arriving at the station, they look around looking for Anda’s whereabouts. He has not come yet. They waited and It's 9:45 am. Already, they've been waiting for Anda for about 30 minutes, but he wasn’t coming too. Though the train will leave at 10:00.

Adam went to buy water for both of them and asked her to wait in the waiting chair. Reena was getting restless, are Anda not coming? She feels stupid with this. She looks around for Anda’s figure, but he is not there.
Not long after that, Adam came back and brought her a can of coffee. He knows Reena likes coffee, but no one sells coffee here. The coffee shop in the left corner is not open today. Adam sees Reena getting restless. He wonders if this time you will re-make Reena disappointed? Adam sat beside Reena while sipping his coffee. The clock shows at 10:55, and Anda have not been seen. "Where's that coward?" Adam said to himself.

"Let's go home." Reena said in a low voice. "He will not come."
Adam continued slowly to see the disappointment in Reena's eyes, he was wanting to embrace his beloved woman. But he restrained himself.

"don’t you want to wait for him any minute?" Adam asked.

"he will not come. Besides, the train will leave." Reena got up from her seat and walked toward the parking lot. Adam chased her from behind. Perhaps this is the best, Reena deserves a much better man in her life.

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