State of the sndbox Competition Entry - Vaporwave

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Hello Everyone , this is my entry for the latest State of the Sndbox competition .

For this design , I was inspired by the vaporwave genre of music and art. Vaporwave is a genre of 90s and early 2000 nostalgia of that era. For my idea, I was reminiscing about the old days of when I was a kid playing around with the paint application of windows 3.1 on my dad's laptop. So I made the design look like a user interface of an old computer, with the Sndbox colors ofcourse!


Basically I started with this rough sketch of my idea


Then I did the text in 3D


And added all the graphic elements in photoshop

Alternate versions


Hope you like it !
Till next post


You always got some cool creative thought process and concept to back your stuff. Very nice.

thanks man for compliment , just taking a little bit from here , there to make something new :D

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