Anecdotes in the city of Maracaibo // Student robbery

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Hello friends of the electronic world, in this opportunity I want to share with you one of many experiences that happened to me in the city of Maracaibo during my student days.

As I expressed in my first writing I am a native of the east of the country and I studied in the West, during short vacations in the university, for economic reasons I could not travel to my house, therefore I would pernotaba in my residence (a small room with conditions of precarious public services). On one occasion, I could not travel to the city of Puerto Ordaz, I was invited by my friends maracuchos to the celebration of about 15 years in a sector called silence. I tell you that that was quite an odyssey:

1.- A student when he is far away from home, usually suffers from many needs, such as money, clothing, logistics for the study, among others. In my case I was not exempt from all of them, therefore, I had to borrow clothes from my "friends" to attend an invitation, this particular case was not the exception.

2.- As I was living at the end of ring road 2, the transportation for me became a nightmare, since the distance to attend the event was too much and I did not have money, but I managed it and I was able to guarantee transportation, at least for the way And I thought how come I'm going, but this bonche I do not miss it and I jumped.

3.- When I arrived at the party at around 9pm, my surprise was to learn that I should have brought not a gift (which I did not wear) to the birthday girl, but some component element of the party, due to the fact that the celebration was , as the Zulia people say, in costume, that is, I brought a mouth pass, a liquor or any ingredient, so to speak, to join the celebration.

4.- As I did not contribute anything for the celebration and my "friends" ignored me, I was considered as they say (the maracuchos) a coconut, that is, an unwanted guest. Hehehe these if they had value. And now what was he doing?

5 .- Well I remembered what my father says, that for difficult times there is no alternative but to look for an ally woman. Now how could I achieve this task, if I did not know anyone, my "friends" had turned their backs on me, I had no money to return. And as if that were not enough, I was in a sector that I did not know and for the dangerous high. After a while I saw that a group of girls arrived and in them one that I recognized, shortly after I approached and we started a conversation. That for me was encouraging, I should not leave, at least for the moment and had a partner for the dance.

Well that's how the time went by and I was able to enjoy it, until my partner decided to leave and I had no choice but to do it myself. Thanks to her I moved to the area known as the car collided there in the ring 2. When left alone I started the walk, but I could not do it for a long time, since I was intercepted by a group of young people, who beat me and stripped me of my clothes and personal documents, I thought it was the end for me. Later some time passed, I do not remember how much, I was lifted from that curb by a commission of the Zulia state police.
Then once the first aid had been given, all the paperwork and legal inquiries to get out of that mess took place.

Well my friends in the electronic world, I only have to ask that this situation never be lived by any other person, since they are very unpleasant moments to be suffered by a human being and thanks I give to the living God for having emerged victorious from that episode.

Goodbye friends, goodbye to you @ victor79, we write in a new installment, have a good time.

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