The Official Launch of the Sndbox Website

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The Official Sndbox Website

We’re excited to officially launch the website to the Steemit community and the world! One of the biggest challenges that we’re trying to take on is connecting real-world opportunity and impact with the potential and force of the Steemit. As we strive to accomplish this, the @sndbox website will serve as a comprehensive resource and landing page for those interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, Steemit, Sndbox members and their projects. Through these things, we aim to create a powerful showcase, illustrating the big picture of what this community can achieve.

Visit us at



Resources For Everyone

Beyond the link to our steemit blog, the first major link is to a compiled page of cryptocurrency, blockchain and STEEM resources structured to get new users more familiar with the Steemit platform. It boils down the lingo. We'll continually revise this page in an effort to make blockchain tech more approachable and more relatable. New users of Steemit are most likely new to the world of crypto/blockchain as well. This page provides visitors with packaged resources that familiarize them step by step as they explore



Highlighting our Members

Sndbox's membership is maintained by an international network of artists, designers, architects, community leaders, non-profit organizations, educators, entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and forward thinking innovators.

The website an efficient way to present our members as a group to the public. It’s difficult to organize and mobilize all members of a Steemit community through daily posts and just text so a thumbnail approach allows us to give “face” to everyone doing big things within Sndbox.



Sndbox Stewards are influencers who have a pulse on talent and creativity within the STEEM Blockchain ecosystem. These Stewards aid the growth of Sndbox through feedback, votes and the nominations of new members to the network. They’re experienced veterans and well-known stalwarts on Steemit and we’re excited to finally reveal our version of a dedicated Community Board! A huge thank you to @steemed, @natureofbeing, @ericvancewalton, @kevinwong, @donkeypong, @thisisbenbrick and @thejohalfiles!


Showcasing Projects

As Sndbox grows, we’ll be focusing more and more on cultivating impact and community projects that leverage the STEEM blockchain to the fullest. Our website will serve as a collective showcase and portfolio of these projects to prove once and for all time that social-media cryptocurrency is an asset for creative and organizational professionals.



Finally, the website will serve as the official interface for all of our in-person social programming to hook participants into Steemit through our outreach activities. These will include our official The Creative Blockchain NYC meetups as well as gatherings, project presentations, and everything else social related to Sndbox in New York City and around the world.


Visit us at

Give the website a good run-through and let us know your comments, criticisms, likes, dislikes, and anything else that comes to mind below! STEEM on!


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thanks for share


Thanks for taking a look :)

Definitely something to look forward to. I hope that even in a little way i could help and contribute to this wonderful program. I had so much feels when i read this line on your website:

Hard work and risk are not efficiently rewarded. 90% of your total work goes to waste.

Sad but true.

But hey, i see a sliver of light in you. :)


Thanks for the support @yukimaru!


I see the light in your project. Giving a really meaningful content a shot. Thank you so much.

Amazing! So proud that I'm a member of Sndbox :D and the website is fantastic!


We're proud to have you too! Glad you approve of the site =)

Looking good and I like that it is really easy to navigate. Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much @beccadeals!

Congrats on the launch! Nice CC license choice :)


Thanks for the advice @somethingburger! ;)

awesome work!


So you're basically trying to compete with Ark?


Interesting! We're not quite as tech based as Ark, we're a bit more social and design-impact oriented. Our backgrounds are as architects and designers so we're looking to incubate and create using STEEM as a resource.

good job


Thank you @brow10!

Glad to be part of this awesome Sndbox team! <3


Congrats @jassennessaj worth to celebrate 😁


Wonderful to have you aboard the team! :D


Thank you @ugetfunded :)

That's amazing.
I support you~ :)


Thank you @rosaria!

I like this idea so would this work say for example someone who is getting into vlogging and blogging and essentially is branding themselves??


Hi @crazybgadventure, we're focusing more on recruiting individuals who can bring physical and social impact through projects and programming.

Your website looks amazing, congratulations !! I'll look forward to learn more.

nice post. Thank you for sharing


Thanks for reading!

nice news..congratulations for this awesome site...I will check it.


Fantastic, thanks!

This is really exciting! Visionary! Great work!

One of the nicest websites I've seen tbh! Should revamp as well lol


Thanks for the approval and support @kevinwong!

posting is very good @sndbox

This looks awesome :). Nice, clean breathable website.

I'll check it out tonight, too as the project also sounds great.

Following for more info :).


Thanks for the support @designthinking!

great work.. I will let thsi great work know to Japanese community.


Thank you @steemitjp!

I'd be glad to join this amazing project. :)


We'd be thrilled to have you on!

I have an idea I would like to explore... It's for making a SNOPES type of competitive site, Hoax-Busters, for fact checking mainstream media stories... that could use Steem type micropayments to work at paying people to contribute in a wiki type way to research the fact-checking process. I'm taking a course in python later this month to try and work on it myself... but if somebody with coding experience could think about it and was interested, I'd gladly and happily collaborate with them on it.

This is great! But the link to your website doesn't work for me unfortunately. Can I open your website from Belarus?