Sndbox-alpha Curation is Back! Submissions for Meetups and Philanthropy This Week @sndbox-alpha

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Submissions for Meetup and Philanthropy This Week @sndbox-alpha

Hello Steemians! With Sndbox cohort 1 has ended recently, @sndbox officially endorse @jassennessaj | @bitrocker2020 as the @sndbox-alpha curation team Liaisons. In efforts to officially start @sndbox-alpha's curation, we are opening this thread to the community for Meetup and Philantrophy based posts on Steemit.

Please read below for the general guidelines for @sndbox-alpha's voting criteria.

Until the 15th of June, we are seeking contents in the meetup and philantrophy (or posts that promotes the welfare of others) categories of Steemit . Any of the sub-categories related to this are okay as well. This will be the theme @sndbox-alpha team will be searching for the entire week.

We advice to stay tuned for @sndbox-alpha's future posts!

We're voting within the 7 day rewards window.

Posts must be within the last 6.5 days (more than 12 hours before post payout).

Original Material

There's flexibility with this that the original content has to be reasonably original. We want the contents we're curating will be as original and personalized as possible (experience, happenings, and views about the meetup or a detailed information regarding the project). We encourage this to communicate better to the Steemit community.

Talk About it!

We're looking for posts with a good number of words (at least 200 words) describing your experience and how did the meetup happened (for meetup) | the details of the project (date, time, the project about, approx. cost, additional information).

Under $3

We will be looking for posts that are undervalued (under $3) or within that range of pending payout value. As much as possible we're looking forward to distribute votes to under-appreciated but well written posts. We will also allow one submission per day per profile.

Wait 24-48 Hours After Submitting

Wait 24-48 hours to see if you've received an upvote. We will provide a feedback via comment about the posts we upvoted.

How do I submit my post?

Please make sure to read the details above and try to adjust your post if needed!

We encourage to drop the link by commenting on this post and give us a little overview describing what your post is. Keep it simple and brief, that's all we ask.

Example of a Meetup submission comment :

"Link of the Post :"

Info : This post is about the Steemsummit experience that we have in Cebu, Philippines. I've shared my experience, learning, and my views about the event and how it ignited to do more Steeming.

Note that the upvote strategy we have been using is 100% upvotes at 10 posts per day June 8 - 15. With a new team in place for the Meetups and Philanthropy subject, stay tuned for their strategy.

Today is the start of submitting! Thank you Steemians for bringing your content and participating in our curation strategy in line of @sndbox's mission. We're looking forward seeing Meetup and Philantrophy posts on the comment section!

Please follow steps to join the @sndbox-alpha curation trail today!


Hello @sndbox-alpha,
I would like to share with you about my meetup with Indonesian Curator @levycore and Senior Steemian of Indonesia Community @ayijufridar and @abduhawab. We were discussing about Steemit Platform and SMTs yesterday. Thanks for your attention,

Warmest Regards,

Hello @sndbox-alpha Thank You for giving upvote to meetup with BSC community members. and now I am re-writing a post about meetup with members of Esteem Aceh.

It's really good project @sndbox-alpha.

Lemme Resteem it!
It's will be help to Steem who create original contents and do creative.

Good Sndbox alpha is back

Good Day @sndbox-alpha! My blog was about The Awesome Smile which was held last saturday. It was a project by @indayclara with the coordination of @steemph.cebu about giving bundles of joy to the street children. I was the documentarian of the event.

Hello @sndbox-alpha! This is my blog about the awesome smile project that was initiated by @indayclara last June 2, 2018. I am a volunteer of the project.

@sndbox-alpha,this is a good thing you are doing,please keep it up.This is my post,please i will appreciate if you can visit it.
The post is about how to promote your business online and the benefits of doing that.Thanks.

Hi @sndbox-alpha this is my blog about the awesome smile project. I am there and I am a volunteer

great information for steemian in Indonesia, resteem this post @sndbox-alpha

Dear @sndbox-alpha

Here is my post told about Philantrophy. Indonesian students and Indonesian workers in Taiwan collect garbages during celebrated EID Mubarak. We did it because our responsibility to keep cleanes of the area where we leave This post used (Bilingual)

This soon to be seminar is with the biggest art group in our country and i plan to share my knowledge about steemit and @slothicorn @onosocial . The goal is to onboard talented individuals and help artists from a third world country .

So great that many Promoters will have the chance to enjoy the @sndbox-alpha Love!

Peace V!

Sorry for this late post, I was busy personally. But I still manage to post it regardless of being busy. This is the SMILE Project, yes it is steem related FYI. Smile project is initiated br @indayclara together with @jassennesaj . Thanks to them, without this initative there will probably no SMILE Project.


Hello @sndbox-alpha, that's my post about meetup with our community, Indonesian Steemit Community.

Good day @sndbox-alpha!

The blog was about the meetup of my fellow steemians: @chuuuckie, @miriklir, @gecaintristan, @simplethon & @calvinweigel14. It was my first to hang out with fellow steemians. They bought me a free ticket for the Deadpool 2 movie. It was leaded by @chuuuckie when he wanted to promote tge Steemit and to make a steemian happy (that was me :D). We weren't just watching a movie, we were building camaraderie.In the blog, I stated my experiences and the fun we had.

Hello @sndbox-alpha, that's my post about meetup with our community, Indonesian Steemit Community. Outside experience can be for me, sharing and caring each other

Hello @sndbox. This is my entry when breaking fast in Aceh, Indonesia. As a moslem we should fast for a month. Sometime people break the fast together as I wrote in my post. It was happened in my village with the people there.

Hi @sndbox-alpha this is my post about steemit-cebu writes guild meetup at Lapu-lapu City Cebu
very hopeful here, thank you so much!

Hello @sndbox-alpha, I would like to share my post on amazing meetup with Aceh eSteem Community last night, I was so happy to particapate into the meetup and now I share with you and all our friends. Hope you read my post and thanks for your attention. Regards from Bireuen, Aceh, Indonesia.

Hello @sndbox-alpha, this is a new gathering event we held yesterday afternoon in lhokseumawe city, Aceh. Indonesia.
And this is link.

Wow...the good project for helping a better steemian. I'll resteem it
Thankyou @sndbox-alpha

Hallo @sndbox-alpha, my post of about meetup with our community, Indonesia Steemit Community Chapter Pidie.

I found this post written in Indonesian. I am very happy with what they do. Helping orphans to learn. In the post mentioned that they break their fast with orphans. before breaking the fast, storytellers from the mythical community of Aceh share motivational stories with the orphans. This philanthropy action is very meaningful for children

Hi @sndbox-alhpa, I have already make a post about meetup with Indonesian Curator, @levycore and some other senior Indonesian steemians. Thank you for your anttention :)

@sndbox-alpha you guys are cool.
I will participate in this, definitely.
👍👍👍👍 Thumbs up for you guys

Hi @sndbox-alpha
this is my post about meetup and meetup this is my first meetup I ever follow at night.

Hello @sndbox-alpha,
I would like to share with you about our first meeting in the 1st Esteem For Aceh (EFA) Meet-up header we did in Aceh along with Developers from Esteem such as @yandot and @zikra We are discussing the developments of the eSteem-Android app users and Version # eSteem-surfer updates. Thank you for your attention,

Warm regards,


Hello @sndbox-alpha,
This post is about the Meetups experience I attended in Aceh, Infonesia. I have shared experiences, Genesis, Results achieved and my views on the event as well as additional information. On “1st Meetups Esteem Family Aceh”

Hi again @sndbox-alpha, another meetups initiated by @jassennessaj. It was really a fun experience, now that I am back. I will be pushing the rules for a new basketball court venue. HOPEFULLY!



Hallo @ sndbox-alpha This is my post entry in Meet-up Meetings and casual sharing in some activities agenda that I have done, so from here I have packed into one post.

Hi @sndbox-alpha,

Here is my entry from the basketball meetup conducted by Cebu Steemians last Sunday. See link:

Link or the Post:

The second meet up experience, not only meet up and eat together, but also there is a social activity to share food to road users.

Thank you @sndbox-alpha and @sndbox! Love anytime ❤️

Hi @sndbox-alpha finally I'm done with my article about Philanthropy and this time I feature Mother Teresa a a great example of a philanthropist who had inspired many people and help throughout the entire world . Here it is

This video meet up is very cool. I think the editor is someone professional

Hello @sndbox-alpha! This post chronicles the fabulous time a group of over 70 MercyWorldwide volunteers had while learning to save lives with CPR

Wow, finally voting within the 7 day window now. Cool. Too bad I don't have any philanthropy or meetup posts now. Only art and nature posts. :D

Hey @sndbox-alpha i just to know about you From @sndbox, He told to me put my link here :)
It actually not my post, but it is the post made by my teacher @ithwithsm :)
We are raising fund for the kids who can't go to school and for that we are building a School, If you want to know more about it, pay a visit to @itwithsm profile, thank you :)
Here is the link to Charity appeal :)

Hi! First of all thanks for this awesome initiative.

Our project targets the children who are unable to attend the school due to some reason. We are starting a chain of free schools under the name "Educatorsmania Free School". This project offers free books, free uniform and completely free education. Please check it out.

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