State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - SOTS Cassette

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Hello Steemit Friends!

Magandang araw! 😄 (Good day!)

State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - SOTS Cassette

SOTS Cassette - Gif version
SOTS Cassette - 1000 x 600

This is my entry for the State of the #Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #10. I haven't posted a blog for a month since I was busy doing other things. This is my fourth time joining this contest. The theme that I have used for this month is "Cassette". This theme really brings back childhood memories. I remember myself using a pen to make the cassette tape spin 😁. If you don't know what a cassette is, means you are definitely younger than me but if you can relate with me, means you are old enough 😂.

I created animated versions - gif and video. Please check them out!

Video Animation ~ SOTS Cassette

1920 x 1080 Video Animation

⚙️ Process ⚙️

I used Adobe Photoshop in creating the cassette tape and After Effects for the animations. For the background, I used a gradient of the blue and green color of the @sndbox logo. I also used the other colors of the @sndbox logo for the other parts of the cassette tape. For the text, I used a font that looks like it was handwritten. In the past, people also record audio using the cassette and there is a designated part of the tape where you can write the title or label. For the animation, I made the cassette tape spin like it was playing on a cassette player. I also added a audio visualizer effect like the one we see on cd players. 😁

I would love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this, you can follow me (It's free! 😆).

Salamat! 😄 Thanks!

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Music to my eyes!


Spotify of the past 😁


Hahaha... Like your style man!