Change your being and change your environment

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For years I listened to my grandmother the advice of " your being changes and it will change your environment ", today that I am a mother, wife and friend I understand his meaning, because when the circumstances passes of the years they invite you to a reflexive thought, of knowing if actually what happens has been product of the destination or event of reason - effect. Since, when a benefit is obtained we have changed the entire universe if it is possible, but we achieve it. For example from my experience as professional, in the education, when I want to strike with the education, the life of the children changed my way of treating them, that is to say, to allow that his creativity and my educations should combine.

This not only I apply it in the professional thing, but also in my day after day, remember well an incident that I mark my life due to the behavior with my minor sister, speak to them of approximately approximately 10 years ago, in this time both we wanted to go out to a holiday of a friend, in this instant it was the small one of only 14 years and certainly for being major that she, there was relapsing in my everything the responsibility of that exit.

In this occasion my sister and I decide to go with a few friends to one " disk" after the celebration and when the police pass a time in that place come asking for the identification of all, certainly my sister was surprised very much for not having the age to be in that place and the safety workforce extracted it of the site to take her to house of my parents. They were imagining that night since I finish in a claim on the part of them towards me, in this instant it wanted that the land was swallowing not to have to listen to all his reproaches, but I decided to keep silent and to listen meanwhile to claims of his parts, parallel I remembered what my grandmother was saying to myself always " your being changes and it was changing your environment ", in this moment I accepted my responsibility in the whole situation and my parents observed the maturity of my part and the situation I stop.

All that I share it with you, for the circumstances that are observed day after day in our company where the events can always change to our favor as long as we are ready to change our being.

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