My Entry The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #7! Designed by Hakimcityyez

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This Is First My Entry The State of Sndbox Thumbnail Competition @sndbox

final version

State of the Sndbox.jpg

Competition Rules

  1. Design a landing image that is 1000 pixels x 600 pixels, uses the @sndbox color palette and has the title “State of the Sndbox” clearly legible.

  2. Publish a personal post using the image, describing a bit of the inspiration, have “State of the Sndbox Competition Entry” as part of the post title, and use #sndbox in the tags so that we can upvote you!

  3. Share your image (with a link to your post) in the comments below.

  4. Deadline is Tuesday, March 6, 2018 5pm EST. Earlier submissions are recommended to receive more exposure! We will reveal the winner in the following State of the Sndbox post.

Process Design

Screenshot (75).png

Screenshot (76).png

Screenshot (79).png

Screenshot (80).png

Screenshot (81).png

Screenshot (83).png

Download Files :

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