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Be rewarded for social activity

Get #crypto tokens as a reward for your tweets and posts on Steemit

Send tokens to any friend or any blogger on social media

Sign up and get free airdrop of 50 SNAX

Snax is a blockchain which rewards people for the content they create on public social media and provides them with free instant transactions by social account name. As an overlay solution Snax can integrate any established public platform. It builds bridges between these platforms and brings crypto closer to the people.

The more social weight your content has, the more SNAX tokens you will get.

You don't need a cross-posting to another platform with a tiny userbase: just stay on a platform you are, do the same activity and get SNAX tokens automatically.

"Even if you're not considered a whale on Steem, you can still gain a decent reward."

How do rewards work: you simply keep posting on any Steem-based platform (or Twitter, or any other platform integrated with Snax) and get rewards automatically for any content you've posted. There's no need to replicate content on an alien platform, as well as no need to create a paid artificial content - stay true to yourself. In the case with Steem, you will gain not only STEEM tokens but also SNAX ones without a single extra action.

Snax collects metrics of all your posts (number of comments, upvotes, who upvoted your post, how many people are registered on the platform at the moment and so on), processes them into a metric called Attention Rate and records it on a designated smart-contract. After the Scoring Round you will get SNAX tokens depending on how high is your Attention Rate relative to other platform users. To enjoy automatic rewards you only need to bind your Steem account with Snax blockchain account.

Snax doesn't take into account such platform-specific score as Steem power in any way. It means that even if you're not considered a whale on Steem, you can still gain a decent reward and vice versa.


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