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So I noticed my Steem wallet had 6000, Snax token. I use Steempeak instead of This view of Steem is a thousand times better because your wallet reflects the tokens that you have. Like the tokens on and the CABAL (Cabal Coin) that we created at Cabal Coffers. I was wondering what this Snax token was and opened a wallet on their website. As soon as I got a wallet I now have 50... Did I get screwed? I feel like I clicked some kind of ad that says "Hey here is a free $10 if you sign up!" then you only get $1... (Response from developers is that the amount displayed to unregistered users is the projected amount you would make if you had signed up...)

This token requires a twitter account and a Steem account to really use. You have to install a Chrome app as well. I'm not sure how accessible this is to the masses. It is browser dependent, it works with Brave (a Chrome clone that I use). Although this requires a bit of legwork to set up. Everything seems to run smoothly though.

This token is supposed to be a payment method that users can use to pay social media posters for their contribution to the internet. I don't know if this is going to work very well, but who knows maybe this could be like the new reddit gold or bits on Twitch.

It is becoming more and more hard for creators on the internet to make any money. Advertisers and web hosts that pay creators are paying less and less. I remember when Youtube made me money on a small channel I had with 100 followers. I even made $50 with a 30 second video. Although those days are over, maybe cryptocurrency if the future of payment for creators.

I'm writing this blog post because there is a air drop for more of these token if you write at least a 1000 symbol long blog post about the token. I'm all about free tokens and if you are reading this and want some free tokens it pays out based on how many subscribers you have.

The token design is a little weird. When I first saw it I though about pringles for some reason. I didn't know why do I google'd "pringles snax" and it came up with pictures of pringles Stacks, which is a kind of pringles. The symbol for this token looks like a pringle chip and it had a similar product name like it. I wonder if this may be a legal problem to the producers if this token takes off?

If you want to send me some Snax Tokens you can do so at cabalcoffers as the name directly from the or SNAX8NmkGQeL6jqp8JqsbXc18wb7HNiwXn1i5xdjbEAZLfzQLL79Wv




I didn't have any idea since I can't find an exchange for snax at the moment.

Hi, @cloudspyder, I am from @SnaxTeam. Snax isn't listed on exchanges yet. We are working on it. Snax is a separate chain,
it makes listing on exchanges more difficult, we need to build a bit larger community. You can read more about Snax economy here

Ok, I was gonna sign up now, guess I'll wait til some things are smoothed out to get my steem airdrop.

Hi, @sn0n.
You need to spend literally 10 minutes to start receiving regular Snax rewards, why not try?

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Hello, @cabalcoffers, I'm from @SnaxTeam. You said about 6,000 SNAX in your wallet. Unregistered users see how much SNAX can receive for their posts by the last 7 days, if they have been registered.
Most of the votes and reviews on your posts were made earlier, so you didn’t get much SNAX at the time of registration. I see that your content is popular, just continue on your way. And you will see how SNAX starts to fall into your wallet)

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