SNAX listed on ChainRift. Deposit instruction.

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1. Go to Login or create account. Click on the “Wallets” button:

2. Click on the “Deposit” button opposite SNAX:

3. Click on the “Generate SNAX Address” button:

4. You have received an account name and a comment that must be specified when transferring SNAX:

5. Go to website and Sign in to your Snax account. Click on the “Send” button:

6. Enter the Snax account and memo you previously received on ChainRift. Enter the required amount. Click on the “Send” button:

7. Confirm the transaction in Snax extension:

8. Your SNAX sent. Check it out at

9. Congratulations, you made a deposit!

Great work on the listing.

You're not getting me to part with my snax that easily :P I'll keep stacking them! HODL life

I am charmed by the simplicity of the steps. I should make some SNAX.

Yesterday I tested this and it worked great. The SNAX take about 3 to 5 minutes to be transferred. Still haven't sell any SNAX, waiting for prices to go up and to see how the market behaves. Great job!

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Why would somebody want to purchase it? As a way to send a tip to someone? I like the project I am just struggling to find a purchase reason.

To be honest I am really not sure. I like the project too and I'm hoping it can be a monetization solution for people that like to post in several Social Media sites. Maybe the answer is in the roadmap and in the whitepaper, I haven't had the time to check them out in full depth. All I know is that right now I have almost 13k Snax tokens (that I got by binging my account and for the activity on STEEM) and that the project looks interesting. Maybe it's too soon to know if it's gonna be worth the time and the effort.

Amazing guide. After the deposit, what next?

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My priest 😉 Good question.

So I can convert Snax on this exchange if I wanted to correct.

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I guess it's time to start trading it to fiat get ready for market rally

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