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Today, Nabla mobile application on the Snax blockchain is presented on Product Hunt!

This is great news and a great chance for the Snax blockchain to get new users.Take a look at this and leave your feedback. You have a chance to show some value there!

Snax Team recommend that everyone use Nabla as their main wallet, because it is comfortable and looks amazing!

We announce the Nabla bounty program, find out more in our discord.


Thanks! How much SNAX do you have right now?

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About 9,500. Not enough to retire on yet—sadly.

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I have 294132 SNAX so far, haha! Not enough to retire either...

Looks like it’s not available for iOS that kinda sucks,now I can’t enter

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Gone to ProductHunt page, upvoted the app and posted comment with a question.

Thanks for letting us know about the app.

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