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Hello everyone, this is @Gingerbreadsnax from the @SnaxTeam! Seven months have passed since the launch of the Snax mainnet and during this time, many events have occurred, both positive and unpleasant, for the project. We have achieved a lot with you, so I want to share the status of the project, news and plans for the future.

Platform Status (Some Statistics)

3238 accounts linked to Snax blockchain

  • 1618 on Steemit platform
  • 1620 on Twitter platform

395548601.9106 SNAX tokens were issued in free circulation

  • Publisher Reward for Steemit - 114135970.3383 SNAX
  • Publisher Reward for Twitter - 5610709.7868 SNAX
  • Block Producers reward - 269549378.422 SNAX
  • Airdrop for registration - 161999 SNAX

The following Block Producers support the chain:

We are grateful to BP for supporting the Snax chain. Thanks to you, it exists, and users can receive rewards for content and make social transactions, and developers have the opportunity to create cool, decentralized applications. Your input is invaluable.

The @SnaxTeam is constantly negotiating with Block Producers of other chains in order to attract them to the Snax blockchain. If you are interested in becoming a Block Producer, then you can find detailed instructions on the Github or write to us in BP channel in Discord.

Ecosystem (Snax Blockchain Applications)

Blockchain Snax was created as a community product, so we are sincerely glad that community members make a huge contribution to creating the blockchain ecosystem. Five applications have now been created around the Snax blockchain, and three of them were created by active members of the community.

  • Snax Extension (by @SnaxTeam) - a Chrome extension that allows you to create accounts on the Snax blockchain and make social transactions.

  • Snax Voter (by @SnaxTeam) - an advanced desktop application that allows you to create Snax accounts and vote for the block of producers (GUI interface forked from @greymass / @jesta excellent EOS - voter).

  • Nabla (by Braincrumbs ) - a mobile application running on the Snax blockchain. It allows you to send money instantly and free to any friend on social networks in a few clicks. At this stage, Nabla only supports SNAX sending, but Braincrumbs plans to integrate a stable coin and add other chains. @SnaxTeam officially recommends using this application as the main wallet for SNAX.

  • SNAXP (by @Anarcist69) - a pegged token on the Steem Engine platform. With the help of this, you can buy and sell SNAX on the Steem Engine exchange (for details of use that you can specify in the Snax Discord).

  • TipBot for Discord (by @Anarcist69) - a bot that allows you to reward Discord users for useful messages with SNAX tokens (for details of use that you can specify in the Snax Discord).

Team News

Two developers left our team (MadAnt and Bee.Warrior). They switched to other projects so we cannot stick to road map, which we announced earlier. Despite this, we have not lost our spirit and continue to support the project. Now the Snax team is focused on attracting investments for the further development of the project and is on the search for new developers. We will publish an updated road map before the end of this year. If you are a talented developer and want to join our team to create a revolutionary product, then write to Discord. We will be happy to meet you and discuss cooperation.

Immediate plans

In the near future, we plan to change the distribution of tokens, since the current economic model was designed for the active growth of the user base. The Snax blockchain has not received explosive user growth, so we are working on a more appropriate economic model. We cannot promise that these changes will be developed quickly. Because the question is fundamental, it requires accurate calculation and hard fork.

As soon as a new economic model is developed, we will offer it for discussion by Snax Block Producers and combine this with the proposal to switch Snax blockchain to the EOSIO 2.0 engine, which is currently in alpha version.


As I said earlier, the Snax blockchain is a community product. Its value depends on how, and how much, the community actively uses the blockchain. Therefore, in order to stimulate community activity and increase the use of the blockchain, the @SnaxTeam plans to allocate part of the premine to create a fund to encourage dapp developers on the Snax chain. The announcement of the creation and conditions for receiving grants in SNAX tokens will be announced in the near future.

I will be happy to answer all your questions in the comments on this post.


Good to see an update from the project even in the market that hasn’t been really all that much to get excited about of late

Wishing you all the best with the project! I’ll continue to stack my Snax In the mean time

Thanks for the kind words!

You can also send SNAX to your friends, the more active the users of the platform, the more its value =)

Great work guys.. Yes, fund to encourage DApp Developers is a Great Idea...


Hey, @snaxteam and @gingerbreadsnax.

Will scoring rounds be suspended until the new economic model is created? I didn't see that spelled out (maybe I missed it), but I notice that it's been almost a week since the last round.

Thanks for the question

Now the round time for Twitter is 3 days, and the round time for Steem is 2 days . You can watch the date of the round here:

I can not comment on the changes in the economic model, because it is still under development, as soon as we finish, we will announce all the details and offer it to Snax block producers

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How do I move my earned snax from my account to steem engine

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Any Snax marketing plan for 2020 ? @snaxteam.

Checked and read, now. Any updates since it passed 2 months? Or is this all going to be aligned with the Voice released on EOS? Would be nice if that would be in the pipeline. I think it would make a good investment for many interested and since we are all talking about EOS type things, integration is way simpler.

fully agree, love to get some more news

Need to double check them again.

@snaxteam is this project still active?

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