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About a week ago, I came across a new way to add some value to my Steem posts. Its called SNAX.

Now SNAX is a new cryptocurrency built around the codebase of EOS, the main purpose of SNAX is to provide a means of paying content creators across multiple social and creation platforms.

Currently, they support Steem and Twitter, which means right now, you can sign up for free, link these two accounts to your SNAX wallet and start earning the SNAX crypto.

Since my sign up and verification on the platform, I have earned ~1300 SNAX in Rewards only. This doesn't include the reward for a Steem bounty they are currently running (Details here.) where I earned a bonus of 800 SNAX.

How much more $$ can I earn?

At this moment, SNAX is not listed on any exchanges so it's pretty hard to gauge the fiat ($) value of the currency. But that being said, it is an extra earning on top of the Steem you will already be earning for your posts, You are also rewarded in 100% liquid funds so you can transfer as soon a you earn them.

With the SNAX currency being based on EOS there is the potential for smart contracts that will add value to the platform, either through the gambling games that seem to be popular in the smart contract chains or fun games such as EOS Knights.

I need you!

Since becoming aware if SNAX, I have researched, signed up and jumped on board with the platform.

I have spun up my own Block Producer node to help the chain grow and be stable, also to show my support for this great platform, as it is of no benefit to me currently with the currency not having a value (or even any promise of a high profit). It is simply to show that I can see the platform has potential.

That being said, for me to be a successful Block Producer (BP) I need votes from the community to rank my node in the top 30 producers and earn a reward.

This is where you, my adoring fans come in. If you decide to create a SNAX wallet (or if you already have one). You can vote for my node by downloading the SNAX Voter Application loading you wallet information and selecting my node anarcist as one of your votes.

Too complicated?

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to vote, I will be posting a complete tutorial in the coming days on exactly how to vote for a BP. If you are anxious to know more you can reach out to me on the Discord server for SNAX. I am always happy to help.

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