My entry for Snapfeed Contest #9

in snapfeed •  2 months ago  (edited)

entering this contest just for funsies. i like the sbi gift idea.
might do something creative with the payouts of future contest entries, like fund my own contests...

my four photos for the snapfeed contest:

stadium entrance at pikes peak international raceway; fountain, co

two pups in the shade. chocolates are my absolute favorite!

love is all you need, in rock art form...

gateway mesa open space; trees grow in the weirdest places

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I must say, the last one is my favorite. :-)

oddly enough these are the throw away shots ..

Don't you agree that sometimes there's something oddly beautiful in those non-top-pick photos? One of my problems is (I can imagine a lot of people share this trait with me) is I hardly ever delete photos. I end up taking several of the same subjects, sometimes revisiting those photos reveals other details you might have missed the first time and those details can make that snap worth something.

Thank you for joining :)

i sometimes think it would be a service to lose half my photos so i'd have room to store more

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