Snapfeed Challenge #20 | I spy with my eyes wide open...

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This contest is initiated by @tggr, with one great cause.

To encourage everyone to go out there and notice the beauty and wonder around us. All of which we notice less and less each day because we do not bother with anything other than what is on the screens of our portable gadgets.


Hope you enjoy my walkabout photography :)


Explore and have fun.
Some ideas for photos:
Patterns | Colours and contrasts | Shapes
Details | Wildlife | Flowers |Something funny
Something weird | Something you've never seen before
Something you see every day, but never took time to appreciate


Nice! I used to do a "#myweekendinpictures" post every Sunday, but I've gotten out of the habit. I like the idea of appreciating the things you see around you! There's so much out there if we just keep our eyes open.

Yes indeed.. We sometimes take the most simplest things for granted.
I started to learn to appreciate what we have in front of me.
And be grateful that I've got it now