! Worlds Dangerous Snakes Ever !

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Hey guys today i am going to show you the worlds dangerous snakes ever and be careful of these snakes. And guys please upvote my blog for more interesting blogs.

  1. Black Mamba


Black mamba is the most dangerous , most venoms snake in the world. This snake can be identified by his black mouth. If you see any black mouth snake than he is black mamba and stay alert of this snake.


As you can see in the image the snakes mouth is black so this snake is black mamba.

  1. Forest Cobra


The Forest Cobra is also called as Black Cobra.This snake is mostly found in the central and western part of continent. This snake lenth can increase upto 3.1 meter (10 feet). This snake mostly eats bird eggs,fish,other snakes,rodents,monitor lizards etc.

Forest-Cobra (1).jpg

  1. Green Pit Viper


The Pit Vipers is also commonly known asTrimeresurus gramineus. The venom of green pit viper on PH scale was 7.2.


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