Fear is more dangerous than poison

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(No nervous friends on snake bite)

Snake 70 to 80% of the snakes found in India are not poisonous, but in 50% of cases of freckle byte due to negligence in treatment, poison is not found in human body. Friends, because the poison is afraid of dangerous snake byte. In such a situation, instead of panic, work should be done by force.

(Not completely frustrated)

It is the first and foremost thing that if snake bites, then do not panic at all, it is better to have time to latch in the bark that immediately recruit patients in the hospital. Cobra, Karate, Wiper and Russell Wiper in India are more of these four types of snakes.

(These 8 measures adopted for protection)

  1. Keep clean around the house.
  2. Keep the house free from frogs and rats
  3. Do not try to catch or kill a snake 4) Keep lights on the outside of the house at night.
  4. Keep the towel with you while coming out at night.
  5. Sprinkle finale on garbage pile.
  6. The windows and windows of the tree touching the tree are threatened by snakes entering the house.
  7. Put bleaching powder around the house.

(These 8 things kept in mind)

  1. Immediately treat the patient in nearby hospital.
  2. The wound should not be washed at all.
  3. The body on which the snake is bitten, there is no incision.
  4. If there is a tight cloth on the body then loose them.
  5. Remove the ring from the fingers of hand.
  6. Let loose the shoes and let the patient lie down.
  7. Keep the place where it is bitten down from the heart.
  8. Do not walk the patient at all.

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