Harmless Snakes of South Africa

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Common Slug Eater (Duberria lutrix)
Another one of South Africa's completely harmless snakes. It never bites (I don't think it can bite).
The way that they defend themselves, is by letting out a most fowl smelling musk when picked up.
They are small snakes, growing to a maximum length of 43cm.
They give birth to live young and as it's name imply's, it eats slugs.
I have had the good fortune of finding them whilst on three different hikes that I was on in three different parts of the country. All of them that I found were active in the day time.

  1. On the very top of the Drakensberg Mountains. Crossing a path.
  2. On the Fanie Botha Hiking Trail in Mpumalunga Province. In a low tree.
  3. On the Amatola Hiking Trail in the Eastern Cape Province. Crossing a path.

Looking nice. Snakes always show a beauty of Nature. If that snake does not take a bite then I think this is too good. Good Picture

Thank you. This snake eats slugs, I wonder if it even has teeth !

I can't currently see it but I KNOW that there is a large (literally harmless) snake RIGHT BY MY HOUSE and I'm trying every hard not to DIE. :(

Where do you live. And try take a pic and post it and we can see if we can identify it.

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