SMT Burnup: End In Sight

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We have some exciting news: we are nearing the last issues for SMTs and have our eyes set on releasing an SMT testnet within the next several weeks!

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 2.16.01 PM.png

We made a lot of progress on several issues which add up to 18 points. Unfortunately we were not able to complete them by the end of the week, which is why it might appear that we have fallen behind according to the burn up chart. However, this is not an accurate view of our progress as we expect all of them to be reviewed and merged early this week.

Scope Increase

There was no additional scope increase this week.


Completed : 0
In Progress : 18
Scope Increase: 0
Net From Ideal: -13
Status: Good

See our previous post on SMT Burnup Methodology for more information.

The Steemit Blockchain Team


Keep on rolling!

Any comment on how SMTs will be better than Steem-Engine tokens @steemitblog ?

I own PAL tokens because Aggroed says I do.
I own STEEM because all of the witnesses agree that I do.

Doesn’t really answer the question 😏 I just think that for new users it will be confusing to see both Steem Engine tokens and also SMTs and it will likely be hard for them to make sense of them all and understand why we would have 2 competing token protocols.

They are not competing, Steem-Engine is a second layer solution on a sidechain which gives more flexibility compared to SMTs that will be built on the main layer, which I think makes it more robust. Both have their own use cases. I'm anticipating that many Steem-Engine tribes will be shifting into SMTs though, once they're released.

Interesting, thanks for letting me know!

It actually does, what he means is that smts are decentralized, whereas steem-engine tokens are not. So with smts you really own your tokens and can trade them as you wish, if tomorrow the centralized server says you have 0 pal, you have 0 pal, because you don't own your tokens, very much like the money in a bank, if tomorrow a bank freezes your account, you can't do anything with your money anymore (centralized entity) whereas if you really own your money, no single entity can prevent you from doing whatever you want with it.

Ultimately I expect steem engine tokens to switch to smts.

It will be interesting to see how things play out. I don't think decentralization is an on and off switch, I think it is more like a sliding scale. For example, Steemit Inc deciding what happens is not the definition of decentralization, it is nearly decentralized but it is still a governing body making the decisions and then the witnesses decide to run the software. Just some thoughts of mine. I am glad that so many people are chiming in about this but still quite disappointed that I have been leaving comments like this on Steemitblog posts for several months now asking them for their views and I have still yet to get anything out of them. I just don't like how they pretend that S-E doesn't exist, I don't think that's right...

Do they have to be better? There can be differences in how they are structured that can be of benefit to some more than others. The discussions I've heard so far it's more about co-existing than competing.

Good news, and wish to see the testnet soon!


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Dang, that's quick. Great work! Does this mean we might see SMTs before Christmas? I had March/April 2020 in my head!

In the interview with vandeberg and justinw they clearly said that SMTs will not be released until Feb-April 2020 at the earliest. At least three months of testnest is required for checking the biggest change to the steem code ever made...

I just saw that someone else already pointed that out.

Oh I know that a lot of testing is required. In fact testing is my game. But I also know how things can change and so sometimes expect the unexpected! :0)

If peradventure SMTs comes out before Christmas, then it's safe to say that it will be the best Christmas for every steemian!

I would heartily agreee!

Totally agree. Need to help devs with issues on GitHub and testing of betanet. Then next Christmas can be more happier.

In their last video, they said end of Q1 to the beginning of Q2 2020 was a realistic target. Alot of testing is needed.

With the right testing a lot can be done in that time!

Allright. Do you plan support more tags on is expected to greatly change with communities so it is hard to say what that will look like.

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Amazing progress... but seems more like the beginning in sight rather than the end. Already grimacing over all that can go awry!

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don't worry - there will be service providers who will help migrate steemengine tribes to SMTs if wanted. We better stay positive. And competition is always good

Did you just say...end in sight??

Oh this is gonna be good...

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