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Despite a relatively slow week, we are still slightly ahead of schedule thanks to an unexpectedly productive previous week. We discovered a subtle bug in preexisting SMT code which proved to be a bit trickier than normal to diagnose, but was simple to fix once we found it.

We completed issue #1411, which was a refactor in preparation for other work. We made progress on issues #2746 (vesting and powering down of SMTs) and #2747 (allowing authors to specify up to three SMTs that can be used to vote on their content). We expect those to be completed this week.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.19.08 PM.png

Scope Increase

We added 3 points of scope to the SMT MVP, issue #3461, which contains some cleanup tasks to keep our project management moving as efficiently as possible.


Completed : 3
In Progress : 13
Scope Increase: 3
Net From Ideal: 13
Status: Good

You can see our previous post on SMT Burnup Methodology for more information.

The Steemit Blockchain Team

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Woooooo. Spoilers!!!

Haha love the effort of printing off and drawing on it!

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But why printed version tho?

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downvoted for graffiti / vandalism :)

Oh no 😰🥺😱

I do like these updates. They are helpful to the community to chart the progress. It is nice that SMTs are getting the bulk of the attention (finally).

I presume the 300 level is what is needed to have enough to release on a testnet?

Keep on churning out the code.

I feel that if insiders with millions of free STEEM are continually dumping massive amounts of it onto the market, crashing the value of the currency and decimating activity on the blockchain, "adding 3 points of scope" is moot.

It's best for us if they divest at a lower price.
Steem is on sale.
I wish it would go to a dime.

There are massive pros and massive cons to a collapsed currency value.

As long as this stincy albatross is around our necks, and it is staying until it sells its last steem, then the sooner the better, imo.
No way things get better while the driver that took us off the cliff is still at the wheel.
No investors invest in a business with a ceo that is tone deaf on how to run a business.
Nobody gets in an airplane with a drunk pilot.
In this case the cheaper we buy them out, the better for us.

That's a good (positive yet realistic) way of looking at it, nicely said.

Ye, I think TRON should buy Steem out...

We had some kind of partnership with tron at one time, but I haven't heard anything about it since the announcement.

It's not that hard to grasp. It's the market rejecting HF21, basically.

Well, it should. It fundamentally changes how things work, and for most content creators and general users, not in a good way.

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keep up the great work, it makes me smile to know that Steem is one of the few blockchain projects that has the tools within the platform itself for developers to update users on progress, rather than sending everyone to Github.

I don't think this might takes till this year December to see SMT here! Thanks for the update!


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Good progress. I know what big development projects are like and things always change along the way. Steem really needs a confidence boost right now as people are leaving and the low price is putting new users off.

What are your thoughts on Steem Engine tokens? It seems like Steemit inc wants to just pretend they don’t exist... Would be nice to see your opinion since it is obviously the elephant in the room.

Pretending things don't exist is kinda a how Steemit Inc roles, and asking stuff like this? Think you just stopped existing yourself for Steemit Inc, asking this ;-)

Steem-Engine tokens vs SMT will be pretty relevant after HF21 hits us. Especialy if (what would seem a quite logical thing to happen) HF21 ends up pushing much of the current minnow/dolphin stake to scot tribes, its not unlikely that HF21 will end up making SMT obsolete before HF22 has a chance to solidify.

Native blockchain tokens won't be obsolete. While both can possibly coexist, there are a lot of reasons for new projects as well as existing tribes to use SMT. I wrote a post about it a while ago.

LOL... Very good points. And no comment from the steemit inc team how surprising...

You're doing such a great job

Graphic going to up...

it's a disaster

I really like it ...
Its good

Good work team. Head down graph up!

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Price is scary


That is my motto. I keep my nose to the keyboard and keep pounding away. Eventually enough comes out that will garner some attention.

All of us just need to keep the ball rolling.

Good to see things being done!
Thank you for sharing!

Great to hear about your progress and appreciate your hard work.

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This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Any plans to make fiat to STEEM bridges?

These updates are great, but I'm personally more interested in seeing @elipowell publish another financial update.

Hoping you've made some improvements regarding cost reduction and maximizing your ad revenue.

you know ... Steemit Inc is privately owned. They have zero obligation to provide any information, especially financial to us. I think they have been doing great at their willingness to share what they have.

Notice the word another, my comment wasn't me trying to act entitled for a financial update. I merely suggested they'd write another blog post like this one:

In that particular blog post, Eli mentions quite a few future plans, which kind of implies that there will be an update on that particular post at some point. Sure, they have zero obligation to disclose anything, but I reckon that they will definitely try to keep everyone in the loop regarding finances.

Heheh, riiiight. I don't think there's anybody really there. Just a cardboard cutout, a nametag, and an unused account. Let alone having a reasonable plan for promotion etc.

Thanks for the update steem 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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we are on the right track, maybe in a year they are ready hahaha

The queue to sign up with steemit makes it's adoption slower

Nice post

Sounds good guys!

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