SMTs Explainer: Centralized vs. Decentralized Cryptocurrency Rewards; Copyright Rev Shares [VIDEO]

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Hey Steemians,

We're bringing you another video on the important nuances of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs). I've been having great conversations with entrepreneurs getting ready for this new technology and it's leading to some very important discussions.

Tune in, share and leave your feedback!


p.s. I though it could be great to have a single channel for devs and entrepreneurs to connect and share their SMT ideas.  We're here on Telegram, check it out, and let me know if you think this is the right channel (or if there's a better medium) for this:


Wow!!...this so great. I will surely be a partaker of this blissful development. Looking forward for the Greatest cryptocurrency(Steem)...We rule Steemians

No conozco mucho sobre steemit pero por primera vez vi el monto de ganancia así con una raya. No se lo que significa. Alguien puede explicarlo?

Way cool! BTW - Slack is probably a better medium for converging ideas.

Have you consider choosing a traditional website to use smts as a successful example

articles that are very useful, hopefully you continue to succeed in the future

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