SMT hard fork testing report #5 : Emission token unit bug, calling for more support

in #smt4 years ago (edited)

This is good work and I am supporting the extension.

Another benefit that Steem gets from funding this work is @howo becoming more familiar with the core Steem code, and can be better prepared to start to help with additional development and testing tasks in the future. Having more people with experience working with the code for Steem is a big deal.

keep up the good work 👍👍

Thank you for your continuous support !

you have my vote

Good job finding those bugs.

Who forgot to switch accounts ? @jarvie ? :p

haha. I thought about it... but @steempeak is also grateful for you helping with the testnet so i didn't see the need to switch.

Thanks anyways :p

Nothing worse than an evil twin

hello steemit and i hope that you dont spam me , i need some support from you . i m using this website since two years and i couldnt increase my account at all . peace to you all from north africa .

You have my vote.

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Hi, Martin!
I apologize for writing here, but I saw that you are one of the founders of the Steempress platform, and I felt it necessary to inform you that with the help of the @steemcleaners, I started the process of downvoting the @abrikoss account which using your plugin to publish meaningless posts with links to other people's content ... I thought you should know about this.

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