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RE: SMT Burnup Update (July)

in #smt2 years ago (edited)

For the non developers reading this, keep in mind that even though agile is cool and estimating story points works relatively well, it's really easy to under or overestimate a task, which means that the date will probably move quite a bit.

But this is great news, I was not expecting an mvp to be planned so soon after hf21 !

Perhaps we'll have some steemfest SMT testnet tokens :p


Perhaps indeed! 😀

Keep up the good work, hopefully it will turn out okay for Steem!

How I wish I could join SteemFest too :P

Isn't it closer to you this year ?

Yep, Philippines to Bankok Thailand not that far :P , in case if I win the Blocktrades contest then ill immediately book for a flight.