Call for ideas, suggestions: Dissent and Discontent - an old idea for SMTs

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Hey Steemians,

I wonder if you can discuss your thoughts about this application for SMTs:

DND - Dissent & Discontent (and it's opposite: Good Deeds & Good Semaritans)


Introduction & Vision

Announcing DND - the smart media token representing Dissent & Discontent at home, locally, nationally and abroad!

The true spirit of crypto involves democracy (not the sort of corporatocracy the West has embraced, where votes don't matter and the puppet on the right has the same interests as the puppet on the left one or two levels of difference removed), helping the little guy and removing intermediaries. There are projects that aim to do this by creating borderless nations - but, in order to grow and change, there must be destruction.

Dissent & Discontent ICO is creating a marketplace like existing players but instead of mechanics and the goal surrounding financial profit for people taking advantage of leaked information, Actors are financially rewarded for just causing mayhem on some kinda level. Money comes from people who want mayhem caused in a given geography. We can't - and won't - incite crimes and our ToS will be specific such that the marketplace isn't necessarily complying with anyone or implying anyone should be committing a crime. We're technically looking for the guys that throw pies, troll a messageboard or chat (we've seen the presidential debates in the states this most campaign have live YouTube feeds with many subversive copy-paste-newaccount-copy-paste messages - why not fund one of the more popular ones, and together we'll help quiet the neo-Nazis?) write 'banks are nonsense, I'm going entirely crypto' to their bank manager or do gags with milk jugs in a public location and video tape it (we've all seen them...).

Or, anonymously fund three times as many participants to become involved in a political campaign whose rally I support...


There's a speech competition that takes place for young intellects close to where I live where the topic of conversation is 'free speech in Canada.' In the 2000s I wrote and delivered a speech. I was unaware the goal of the Liberally-ran competition was to profess our undying love to Canada's world-renowned rights and freedoms, and instead my speech delivered statistics and science supporting the fact that the 5% of the wealthiest international participants that owned 95% of our media defined our thought patterns as a collective whole. I used the words 'meme theory' long before memes were images and text on the internet and did my best at expressing my Dissent & Discontent - but, in a new world order supported by anonymous tokens delivering value to likeminded Actors on the global stage, I envision we could accelerate the pace in which our voices are heard.

I’ve written a half dozen Letters to the Editor for local newspapers surrounding my problems with local issues, voicing Dissent & Discontent.

Incentivized by DND tokens, more and more of our potentially rebellious thoughts will be unsilenced and more and more of our true emotions will be broadcast in louder and louder voices.

Platform Overview

The system would be:

a) Actors post what they might want to do for a financial target and then crowdfunding among Supporters happens. This post then lives on the Blockchain and frontend and warrants upvotes and potentially downvotes, as well as reshares.

b) Supporters post their ideas for rewardable actions and then actors do the act and supply adequate video, screenshot, etc proof as a comment on that post. This proof can be anonymized but must pass the Supporter's inspection to be rewarded with the action of upvoting the comment. There can be many Actors that supply for one Supporter listing, and the community is free to upvote as well - and there will be more popular threads in areas where people can see or sort by the categories/tags that are most close to their own beliefs.

Blockchain allows marketplaces where people can leak and gain from information that, while unmoderated except by the mechanics of the decentralized app itself to protect users against malicious users (such as we'd have), reward folks for information that could certainly be questionably acquired and delicately handled if discovered.

As such, Dissent & Discontent ICO does not embrace nor condone any illegal activity and exists solely as a marketplace to entertain legal Dissent & Discontent. Due to the sheer technical and labor-intensive nature of screening the entire marketplace, it will be self-regulating in that the users will reward or not reward activities that follow this policy.

To begin, the team will source and sign letters of intent (or funds in escrow to remain anonymous) for initial Actors and Supporters.


Most of the platform is already built by an existing post-fundraising technology TGE (Pareto Network) with public Github. There will need to be measures to port the ETH ERC-20 token to dPoS SMT.

Token Architecture

The amount of Dissent & DIscontent tokens is finite and a total of 100,000,000 Dissent & Discontent Tokens (DND) will be created. Many tokens have a fluctuating or inflating amount of max tokens, but those tend to reduce the overall value of a given token or total token supply as there’s predictable inflation. Think of Bitcoin’s original vision of 21m max token supply and what that means with regard to deflation of the value of the coin by the time they’re all minted and forever in perpetuity afterwards. Our token will have 100m maximum in this release structure. This release structure will provide an optimal inflation for generating the most value possible to everyone who participates eternally ever after.

The Dissent & Discontent token will be a Steem-based Smart Media Token (SMT This enables a number of functions and pieces of usability that will benefit the community and platform, including governance and Actor / Supporter interaction. Many tokens are detached from the world, creating unnecessary noise and not interacting with the existing ecosystem, but DND will strive to promote good Samaritans worldwide as well as those looking to ‘fight the man’ (again, as above, with written words and nonviolent demonstration), and to improve society for people in other geographical locations. DND will serve to influence elections, cause people to be kinder and more generous, and incentivize people to become unbanked and unpressured by their local administrations. The best way for this token to help the world is by leveraging on the existing userbase, activism and community on STEEM, favouring both DND and STEEM by raising the bar for decentralized revolution and tokenized incentivization.

In society people aren’t celebrated or rewarded for their efforts, and our seniors and war heroes go unnoticed. The status quo is insufficient, so we are inserting a solution in order to raise funds anonymously and internationally to make a difference in one’s local community. This will infuse a new sense of cause, drive and determination into the young, meager and unbanked, leading to a new state of international communication and love that overcomes the richest 1% controlling all of our futures through their media conglomerates and seen and unseen political contributions.

Therefore, the underlying consensus mechanism supporting transactions in Dissent & Discontent tokens is Proof of Brain (POB). It will incorporate Posting & Curation rewards on the Dissent & Discontent DApp. This means that a post by Actor or Supporter will be created and forever remembered in the Blockchain, and the frontend app will sort it based on Actor or Creator and further by the use of popular tags that the users can choose. Then, the other types of party will ‘vote up’ a post and it will incur rewards indefinitely throughout eternity for the post creator, based on the value of DND.

The Decentralized Proof of Stake algorithm underneath SMTs supports the largest transactional and operational pool of any Blockchain currently in existence, and can scale well beyond that.

To deter spam in the kinds of acts that are published, Actors & Supporters will be rewarded according to social consensus mechanisms built into dPoS and SMT - this means that the more apt and well-defined interactions will proceed to incur the most rewards, and those posts or actions that are less well-defined or off-topic will incur the least. Those holding a larger supply of DND tokens vested so that it’s not liquid, as in STEEM and other dPoS, will hold the ability to exert more positive and negative influence on the rewards of a given post.


Jarett Dunn is the sole founder of Dissent & Discontent, and his lengthy battles against corporatocracy, currency, nationalism and capitalism have been documented.

Of late, he’s been a community moderator for many TGEs as a moderator and team lead of AmaZix and contributing to open-source solutions and forks for dPoS chains, however his deep yearning for change and to create a more fair world with evenly distributed wealth and true repercussions for organizations and governments led him to start this project.


Read between the lines and imagine the sheer buying pressure that some Supporters have and the intricate, secured, immutable conversations they'd have along with promises they'd make to Actors across the field.


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