1UP Staking - Passive Income With The Smart Trailing System

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The beauty of the Steem blockchain is that everybody can earn passive income through regular upvoting and the resulting curation rewards. This turns into a compunding interest as with each reward the power grows to create higher rewards over time.

Most people underestimate this marvelous function and don't use their voting power properly, stagnating at the same level without growth. Others curate manually quality content which can be more profitable when timed right but requires often luck and dedication. And many simply follow community trails via services like @steemauto, which upvote after an often much larger community vote took place before that, reducing the curation rewards for all that follow.


1UP Will Change Voting For Everyone

With the 1UP curation system every community will have its own 1UP rankings with ten upvotes per day, initiating the 1UP community trail. The trailers upvote from the smallest value to the highest one, followed by the final 1UP vote. This constellation creates a favorable curation reward distribution towards the trailers and increases with a growing 1UP account. While you support the communities of your choice you will earn more passive income.

When we begin to run 1UP we will base the whole system on Steem and create interest for delegators via our SMT delegator bounty program. That means for all Steemians that they can assign some of their daily voting power to various communities and start to get more Steem Power returns as most likely ever before, assuming 1UP reaches a substantial treshold.


When the 1UP SMT will launch next year we will go a step further: From that moment 1UP will basically become a staking coin where you put your 1UP Power to constantly generate highly optimized curation rewards for you, as the entire reward pool is controlled by 1UP. You will have account growth statistics and community profitability rankings for investors. Since 1UP will not be a content creation platform we will get the most out of the upvoting and reward process.

When people realize that trailing with 1UP is super beneficial for themselves as well as for the communities they are voting in, then there will be an onslaught of value form all sides to support various communities and earn precious tokens in the process.


1UP will basically be an investment into general quality and special community support for Steem projects with optimized passive income features compared to Steem. So everyone who wants to have high ROIs while improving the Steem ecosystem will find 1UP very interesting.

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This sounds very interesting and súper beneficial to everyone no matter how much SP you have. I'm also interested in the community part of the project and I'll love to be an early adopter if possible. Thanks for this great project.

I think utopian-1up curation trail is dead. Will you make another 1up account.