DLIKE Staking Live - DLIKE Sponsor Report #46

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Hello Steemians!

DLIKE Staking is LIVE - upto 25% Bonus

We are happy to announce another milestone achieved by DLIKE platform as staking of DLIKE tokens is live now. Anyone holding DLIKE tokens can stake them to earn bonus tokens. Following 2 options are available for Staking.

  • Stake for 90 days to earn 9% bonus tokens
  • Stake for 180 days to earn 25% bonus tokens
  • To stake DLIKE tokens, details are here

    Upcoming updates in DLIKE 3.0

    DLIKE team is working on reward pool where users will be able to earn daily DLIKE tokens for activities on their shared links. DLIKE is also going to start TIPS on posts which will be free to earn and maximize earnings from your links in the form of stable coins like DAI.

    Dlike Payout For Delegations

    Weekly payout of dlike tokens for 46th week has been made. This week only DLIKE tokens were paid due to an adjustment of over paid amounts of SBD and STEEM which were due to an error in our system and have been adjusted in this week's payouts. From next week, SBD and STEEM payouts for delegators will continue as regular.

    Promote Dlike - Get Free Dlike Tokens

    Dlike is offering 2k to 3k Tokens per promotion articles on different crypto related sites including medium. If you are associated with any of the top crypto related websites then get in touch with us to write about dlike and get dlike tokens.

    We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

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    Delegate Your SP to Dlike

    We are giving daily tokens equal to amount you delegate to dlike.

    If you delegate 1000 SP, you will get daily 1000 dlike tokens (paid weekly on each Monday) plus 5% beneficiary reward plus instant bonus tokens.

    100 SP | 200 SP | 300 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP | 15000 SP | 20000 SP | 100000 SP

    Follow @dlike for all future updates!

    Join our Discord channel for feedback & questions.

    Web: dlike.io | App: Android App
    Follow us on
    Dlike Twitter | Dlike Instagram | Dlike Telegram


    Good job, @dlike!

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    Why stake when you can't trade them...

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    Everything step by step. Build DLIKE on solid base not in rush to destroy everything!

    There is nothing to destroy if the token never gets a value behind it. You guys have been out for a long time, the longer you wait to list the token the more it will feel like a scam...

    Those who've delegate their sp and waited long what about them? I think they're neglecting them.

    It is about common sense, I don't believe on the stake option to be honest.

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    what if someone don't want to hold these coins. Maybe you can give us an exchange through steem-engine so what one may be able to withdraw it's money though something...

    WTF... Has anybody been able to stake? I am trying to stake over 100000 and it is claiming it is less than 500. You guys need to get your shit together. The website is terrible, doesn't let you log in or log out, you appear to be making no attempts to list on an exchange, WTF are you guys doing...?

    Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 2.14.39 PM.png

    Who wants to stake dlike we want to withdraw it. That's what we need and they're not giving us an option...

    I got enticed to sign up by this article and I do not like it. Cannot sign out, change preferences, nothing.

    Please clarify when the site will be fully usable or you are going to get a lot of bad press fast.

    The set up reminds me of the millions of HYIP's that spawned in 2017. I already lost money then...

    I hope that anyone that reads the article also reads the comments, not like me :(

    Guys please make some arrangements so that we can withdraw our dlikes. It's like our coins are strucked there.

    Extremely happy to see this update. Staked all of my 501,242 Tokens for 180 Days. I'll try to delegate more after I get some more SP. Best of luck with the development!

    when dlike token is list in exchange?

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